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Top and Best ways to search Facebook without an account or loging in

Do you want to check someone’s account on Facebook, but you don’t have or use the social media platform, then here is how you can do it without loging in.

Facebook is by far the most famous social media platform, but it does not mean that everyone on this planet is on Facebook. Chances are that you want to check someone’s profile or find relevant details, but you do not have a Facebook account. We will guide you through some of the best ways to search for Facebook without an account or loging in. 

You just need to follow these simple and easy hacks/ways and you should be able to find the material that you were looking for without logging into Facebook. 

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Here are the ways to search Facebook without an account or logging in:

Take the help of a Facebook user

This is the easiest method if you just want to search or see someone’s profile. Just ask any of your friends or family members to let them search a profile with their account. Alternatively, you can also ask them to search that account for you and share the link of the account with you. You can see the profile when you click on the link without having a Facebook account.

Use Google Search Query

There is no doubt that Google is the most efficient and best search engine available. It offers many features in it, one of which is a search query. You can search in Google for a  specific type of file as you do on your PC. Just use this search string site:yoursitehere.com. For example, if you want to search Max Verstappen’s Facebook account then type site:facebook.com max verstappen. Google Search Query

You will find the link to the account at the top of the search result. The only downside of this hack is that you can only search for public accounts with this. If someone has locked their account then it will not show in search results.

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Use Social Searcher

Social search engines are search engines for social media sites. Social networking sites like Facebook have a lot of data to handle and these specifically designed search engines help in finding accounts quickly. They can look and find information about an individual. The most popular of these search engines are Social Searcher and snitch.name. With these search engines, you can find any account on Facebook. Social Searcher is a free Social Media Search Engine that allows users to search for people on social networking sites like Facebook.Social Searcher

You can visit Social Searcher by clicking here.

Pipl search engine

Pipl searchPipl search engine is another social search engine that allows users to find accounts in a more efficient manner. The search engine asks for the name of the account and the location of the person as well, which helps in finding the right person that you were looking for. So if you want to find someone who has a very common name, then you can add the location to it and you will be able to get the correct account.

You can check out pipl search engine here.

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