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What is Google Chrome’s new Memories feature? How to enable it?

The new memories feature will enable the users to manage their activities on the web. Hee is how you activate it.

Google is testing a new feature named Memories on its Canary version of the Chrome browser. This feature will enable the users to manage their activities on the web to get a better user experience. Memories will provide the user’s saved bookmarks, Chrome history, and tab groups in one place for quick access.

Unlike other features, the Memories feature cannot be enabled by merely going to the Chrome Settings. You need to run a few commands in the search bar before you can use it. Google is experimenting with the new Memories feature. As a result, the feature will take some time to show up in the Stable version of Chrome.

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What is Chrome Canary?

Google release four versions of its Chrome browser, namely, Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary. The Stable version is the most popular and most tested browser. On the other hand, Canary gives a futuristic experience of the Chrome browser.

Canary gets new updates and features more frequently than other versions of Chrome. It is suitable for those users who want to get their hands on the latest technologies that are yet to come on the stable version of the Chrome browser.

What is Chrome Canary?
What is Chrome Canary?

Note: Don’t choose Canary as your primary browser. Choose the Stable version instead for your tasks. However, you may install it to experience intriguing features that are yet to come on the Stable version. Unlike the Stable version, Canary is a raw browser and may not offer a seamless user experience.

How to enable the Memories feature on Chrome?

To activate the Memories feature on Chrome., follow these steps.

  • On your PC, Mac, or Linux, install the Chrome Canary version 92.0.4479.0 or higher
  • On the address bar of the browser, type “chrome://flags” and hit Enter.
  • Once you see the Flags screen, type “Memories” in the search bar.
  • Enable the Memories flag as soon as it appears on the screen.
  • To ensure that the data on other tabs of the browser is saved, restart your browser.
  • Click the “Relaunch” button.
  • Type “chrome://memories” in the address bar.

You will see find your Chrome history, saved bookmarks, and tab groups in one place.

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