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Android Q to block background clipboard access for third-party apps: Report

Google is expected to unveil its next Android operating system at its Google I/O 2019. There are still months to go for the event which is scheduled to begin on May 7, but leaks and rumours about Android Q have already started surfacing online. The latest report about the upcoming software update says that Android Q will come with a feature that will restrict background clipboard access for various third-party apps.

This feature will come in handy for users to keep their sensitive information such as usernames and passwords safe and it wouldn’t allow any third party apps to access their data. In an alleged leaked build of Android Q, an option to rollback app updates can also be seen. The next version of Android is also said to re-enable third-party apps to have to have background access to your device’s location. Besides this, the update will reportedly come with some new pre-installed fonts, icons and accent colours.

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A report in XDA Developers shared some images from a leaked build of upcoming Android Q earlier this month. According to the images that were shared, Android Q will come with new permissions that will be able to restrict third-party apps from reading the user’s clipboard.

A permission with the name of ‘android.permission.READ_CLIPBOARD_IN_BACKGROUND’ can reportedly enable the users to grant apps the ability to read data from clipboard while running in the background. We should mention that it has also been reported that the protection level of the permission is ‘signature’, which means that only those apps that are signed by manufacturers will have access to clipboard data in the background.

Image courtesy: XDA Developers

Furthermore, Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers also spotted some new permissions for system-level apps that will be able to downgrade apps. The permissions are named as ‘PACKAGE_ROLLBACK_AGENT’ and ‘MANAGE_ROLLBACKS’ and it has been reported that these will enable Google Play to move the app to its previous version. These will prove to be useful when you install an update of an app that has bugs. So, you would be able to use these permissions to go back to the previous bug-free version of the app.

In addition to this, some broadcast events with the name of ‘PACKAGE_ENABLE_ROLLBACK’ and ‘PACKAGE_ROLLBACK EXECUTED’ have also been found that would inform the apps about the rollback action.

Apart from this, another new permission that has been spotted is named, ‘ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION’. With this, the “app will always have access to the location, even when you’re not using the app.”

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