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Haier launches its new range of ACs in India: Price and features

Haier has introduced its next generation of ACs in India. The newly-launched ACs are an All Rounder PuriCool Range of Air Conditioners with a built-in air purifier. And Haier has said that the next generation of ACs with air purifier have specifically been designed for Indian customers. They also come equipped with automatic air quality detection. The newly launched ACs come in 5-star (HSU-12JS5 DC INV & HSU-19JS5 DC INV) and 3-star variants (HSU-12JW3 (DC INV) & HSU-19JW3 DC INV).

Haeir HSU-12JS5 DC INV & HSU-19JS5 DC INV and HSU-12JW3 (DC INV) & HSU-19JW3 DC INV price in India

Let’s first talk about the two 5-star ACs by Haeir. While HSU-12JS5 (DC INV) is priced at Rs 76,500, the HSU-19JS5 (DC INV) bears a price tag of Rs 100,000. Coming to the 3-star variants, the HSU-12JW3 (DC INV) costs Rs 69,500 and the HSU-19JW3 (DC INV) model is priced at Rs 74,500. All the four newly launched ACs will be available in the market with 12 years of compressor warranty.

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Speaking on the launch of the new ACs, Eric Braganza, President of Haier Appliances India said “We at Haier believe in introducing innovations that make our customers’ life comfortable and efficient. Our new revolutionary range of PuriCool air conditioners solve a real problem that Indians face today with growing air pollution which is an indoor threat as much as an outdoor concern. Equipped with the best-in-class technology features from Haier, the new PuriCool ACs are the ‘true air conditioners’ that India needs today that not only deliver cool air but also clean & breathable air. With the introduction of such user-centric products, we are looking at creating a new era of smart technology in the white goods space.”

Haier H SU-12JS5 DC INV & HSU-19JS5 DC INV and HSU-12JW3 (DC INV) & HSU-19JW3 DC INV features

Both the newly launched 5-star ACS – SU-12JS5 DC INV & HSU-19JS5 DC INV – and 3-star ACs – HSU-12JW3 (DC INV) & HSU-19JW3 DC INV – are available in 1 and1.5-tons cooling capacities. They come with an inbuilt air purifier which can purify the air inside the room/home. So, there is no need of an additional air purifier in the house. All the four ACs come with Haier Self Purity function which gives them powerful air purification system with an effective iFD (Intense Field Dielectric) filter, automatic PM 2.5 air quality detection and slide-able cruising module. The ACs offer a high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 300m³/h.

PuriCool 5 Star
PuriCool 5 Star

According to the company, the iFD process used in the ACs removes up to 99.99% of air-borne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns which includes dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria etc. The purifiers of the newly launched ACs doesn’t need to be replaced as it is washable and reusable.

The newly launched ACs features a 3-in-1 display which allows the user to see the temperature, humidity and PM 2.5 details all at the same time on a single screen. Furthermore, both the 5-star Haier PuriCool ACs comes with smart Wi-Fi option which connects them to the Wi-Fi network and allows greater connectivity and control to the users.

Haier new range of ACs HSU-12JS5 DC INV, HSU-19JS5 DC INV, HSU-12JW3 DC INV & HSU-19JW3 DC INV released: Price and features
PuriCool 3 Star

Other features of both the newly launched 5-star ACS – SU-12JS5 DC INV & HSU-19JS5 DC INV – and 3-star ACs – HSU-12JW3 (DC INV) & HSU-19JW3 DC INV – include Self-Cleaning Inverter Technology which automatically cleans the ACs evaporator. They also come with Haier’s Turbo cool technology that draws the hot air out of a room quickly and efficiently which results in cooling the room instantly.

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