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How to find your IP address? Try these methods

Some easy ways to find your IP address.

IP address is really important to troubleshoot internet and networking problems. Therefore, one should know the IP address of their device so that they can fix problems. But, many of us don’t know how to find our IP addresses. So here are some guidelines for you to follow. IP, internal or external will be displayed in this format (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX), where the X’s will be numbers.

There are two kinds of IP addresses—internal and external IP address. Internal IP address refers to the one that identifies your local device. The external IP address is what helps the internet to communicate with your device. There are two separate ways of finding both IP addresses. Firstly, let us look at how to find the internal IP Address:

  1. Go to the start menu and type cmd
  2. The computer would show the suggestion of command prompt at this stage: click on it
  3. An HTML file would open in black coloured background wherein you have to type ipconfig and then press enter
  4. A chunk of information will unfold. Scroll down and find “IPv4 address”. The number which is written across it is your internal IP Address
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Now let us learn how to find the external IP address or the one which is visible to the internet:

  1. In your internet browser, search for ‘what’s my IP’
  2. A site named www.whatsmyip.org should appear in the suggestions, hopefully on the top
  3. Once you click on the link your IP Address will appear on top of this site.

You can also directly type www.whatsmyip.org in the browser as well and that should show you your external IP address.

At times, you might not have to visit the link. Once you search ‘what’s my IP’ on Google it will appear on top of the suggested links.

If Mac/Apple users want to find their IP then they can follow the subsequent steps:

  1. Go to Apple Menu and click on Open System Preferences
  2. Click on the icon labelled network
  3. There would be several labels. The one on top needs to be clicked
  4. Towards the right hand side you’ll find a text which would show you your IP Address


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