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What Is Discord Nitro and should you buy it in 2022?

Is Discord’s premium membership worth the price? We take a closer look.

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If you’re an avid gamer you must be familiar with Discord. Starting as a voice server and instant messenger for gamers, Discord now hosts a diverse range of communities, from book clubs to movie fandoms. Its fast servers, ability to provide multiple channels, and smooth video and audio calling platform make it one of the better messengers today. Discord also offers a premium service called Discord Nitro. In this article, we’ll tell you what Discord Nitro is and whether you should buy it.

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What is Discord Nitro?

what is discord nitro

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Discord Nitro is Discord’s paid membership that unlocks a bunch of different features for you to use within the app. Once you upgrade to Nitro, you also get a diamond symbol next to your username in the server member list. Currently, Discord Nitro is priced at $9.99 monthly and $99.99 yearly. 

Let us dive into the features that Discord Nitro will unlock for you.

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  • Multiple Profiles: Upgrading to Discord Nitro allows you to create different avatars, bio, and profile banners for the different servers you’re in. Users without Discord Nitro can only change their profile name across different servers, but buying Nitro will let you change a bunch of other profile features. You can change your profile according to the theme of the server you’re in.
  • More Backgrounds: With Discord Nitro, you can customise video calls with your own background. 
  • Custom Tag: Your discord username consists of a text string along with a random number tag. While you can set the text to whatever you want, the number tag is randomly generated by Discord and is a permanent fixture on your username. With Discord Nitro you can customise your tag to whatever number you want.
  • Server Boost: You can boost up to 2 servers with Discord Nitro. Boosting a server increases new emoji slots, gives the option to add a server banner, and upgrades the quality of audio calls on the server.
  • More Emoji Power: As you may be aware, you cannot use custom emojis specific to a server on other servers. With Discord Nitro you can use custom emojis across all servers. You can also create animated emojis.
  • Custom Profile Badge: Once you’ve upgraded to Discord Nitro, your profile will get a custom Nitro badge exclusive to Nitro users. Your username in the server member list will also get a diamond badge next to it, signifying that you boost the server.
  • Bigger uploads and HD video streaming: With Discord Nitro you can send up to 100 Mb-sized files. This is a significant upgrade over the 8 Mb limit for regular users. Nitro also lets you stream in HD, which may be helpful for users who stream games on Discord.
  • Longer Messages and More Servers: You can send messages with an increased character count with Discord Nitro. You can also join up to 200 servers when you pay for the premium membership.

Discord Nitro: Should you buy it?

what is discord nitro should you buy discord nitro

If you use Discord solely to keep in touch with the communities you’re a part of and do not use more than the basic primary features, Discord Nitro is not for you. You can send texts and images, be a part of audio and video calls, and join a bunch of servers with your regular Discord service without having to ever upgrade to Nitro. $9.99 per month is a steep price to pay if you do not intend on using more than the basic features.

However, if you use Discord to frequently stream your gameplay, or if you run a large server, you may be interested in a few features that Discord Nitro has to offer. With increased power to host large video calls, and the ability to stream in a higher resolution, Discord Nitro becomes a necessity if you’re looking to stream to your audience.

Nitro is also beneficial for users who want better aesthetics for their profiles. A lot of users use Nitro solely for getting access to custom emojis across servers and having more control over the look of their profile.

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If you want to subscribe to Discord Nitro, simply click on Settings>Nitro if you’re using a web browser, or go to your profile and click on ‘Subscribe Today’ if you’re using the smartphone app. If you think the monthly cost of $9.99 is a bit too expensive, you can wait for promotional offers, or take part in Nitro giveaways.

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