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10 Best New Emojis And Their Meaning For Using In Your Chats And Instagram Posts

We’re sure you might have already noticed some of these. Now, aren’t you curious to know what they mean?

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We know you feel it too. Chats and posts on social media without emojis are utterly bland, aren’t they? Emojis fill our digital life and expressions with our real emotions. They are nothing but our own mirror reflections that appear during various situations that we find ourselves in. Agreed, we might not be able to completely eradicate the many digital miscommunications that creep in, solely through the use of emoticons. But they are definitely a huge step up from the lifeless text messages that make it impossible for a user to understand the other person’s mood. Here are the 10 best new emojis of 2022 and their meanings, that you can use in your chats and Instagram posts.

We might not realise it, but we unconsciously do read people from their slightest behaviour and adjusts ours to react accordingly. From facial expressions as mild as raising an eyebrow to small hand gestures, these reveal a lot about our personalities, moods, and state of mind. And in the digital space, it is the emojis, GIFs, and stickers that help us with this deciphering process. 

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Face Holding Back Tears

Holding back tears emoji- 10 Best New Emojis And Their Meaning
Image courtesy: Emojipedia

The very first on our list of the 10 best new emojis of 2022 to use in your chats is the face with a smile but holding back tears. And surely we all can relate to this face, no? We pull it up unknowingly on so many occasions. How do you feel watching cute puppies or kittens hopping around in reels or videos on Instagram? Recall the occasions when you were extremely happy and proud of someone close to you. Doesn’t your heart get a bit emotional in such moments? This emoji represents your tears of joy, the admiration, proudness, or gratitude that you feel towards someone in those instances. 

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Melting Face

Melting Face Emoji- 10 Best New Emojis And Their Meaning

One straightforward way to perceive the melting emoji is its representation of our situation during extremely hot weather conditions. But on the other hand, one can’t help but notice the slight sense of sarcasm that the emoji lends. The emoji does tend to remind us of those moments in our lives when we might have felt embarrassed, shameful, or suffering from intense dread sinking in. 

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Face With Open Eyes And Hand Over Mouth

Face With Open Eyes And Hand Over Mouth

Next on our list of the 10 best new emojis of 2022 is this one. Needing no explanation, the face with open eyes and hand over the mouth is clearly meant for expressing shock or disbelief. But we wonder why it makes us feel that it might have a rather funny or mischievous use case as well. Have you ever teased any of your friends or siblings by scaring them with the fact that their actions would have negative consequences (when it might not be true in reality)? You know, the look of ‘what have you done?!’, while you’re rolling on the floor laughing inside your head?

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Face With Peeking Eye

Peeking Eye Emoji - 10 Best New Emojis And Their Meaning

Now, we say this one was certainly required. And the way it has been designed and brought up makes you chuckle instantly, doesn’t it? It represents your reaction when you want to look away from a frightening or embarrassing situation. We also have the same look on our faces when we watch a horror movie. We might not have the courage to watch the entire jump-scare scene with wide-open eyes, but still have the curiosity to know what happened next. Isn’t it relatable?

Saluting Face

Saluting Face Emoji

The saluting face has been introduced to be used as a sign of respect. During our lifetime, we come across a number of people that make a solid positive impact on our lives. To those who inspire you in different ways, those whom you look up to or have a deep sense of respect for, this emoji gives you a chance to pay homage to them.

Dotted Line Face

Dotted line face- 10 Best New Emojis And Their Meaning

The dotted line face emoji might have seemed a little tricky to decipher at first, right? Let us help you out here. Dotted lines around a character is a well-known trope in comic books to refer to someone that is invisible or hidden. Now, we understand that finding context for this emoji in that sense might be difficult in daily life. However, it can also represent smallness or submissiveness, a feeling of being left out or alone, or even depression.  

Face With Diagonal Mouth

Diagonal Mouth Face

The next on our list of the 10 best new emojis of 2022 for you to use in your chats or on Instagram is this one with a closed slanting or diagonal mouth. According to Unicode, it is the face for the expression ‘meh’, that is used in slang for stating your lack of interest or enthusiasm on a subject. You also pull up this face when you are sceptical, indifferent, unsure, or disappointed at something. It kind of starts to make sense now, doesn’t it?

Rightwards And Leftwards Hand

Leftward and Rightward Hands

Another one amongst the confusing new emoji arrivals of 2022 is the rightwards and leftwards hand. It would make sense for us to use it on occasions wherein we want to extend our hand to the next person for shaking hands with them. Even we are quite curious to know about its other possible use cases. If any more contexts for using this emoji come to your mind, we would be absolutely delighted to hear about them. Do share with us in the comments section below!

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Palm Down And Palm Up Hand

Palm Up and Down Emojis

By having a first look at them, both the palm up and palm down hand emoji appear to represent a polite expression. Unicode suggests that the palm down hand can be used for indicating the dropping of an item (like dropping the mike, etc.), or dismissing someone. However, we think it can also be used for situations where you informally extend a hand towards someone, either asking them to come forward, pace up, or as a gesture of offering help. The palm-down emoji, on the other hand, can be used as an action of demanding, offering, beckoning, or asking a question. 

Index Pointing At The Viewer

Finger Pointing At Viewer

The final one on our list of the 10 best new emojis of 2022, for you to use in your chats and social media posts, is this one. Fairly simple to interpret, you point your index finger at someone in front of you to highlight that it is them that you’re talking about (in singular). The symbol is often used in numerous advertisements and posters as well as in art and in sign language. Different scenarios come to mind, ranging from the ‘YOU!’ you say to express anger towards the next person, to the’ ‘You’ you say as in “You. Are. Important.”. Of course, there also comes the ‘You’ in “I Love You” or “I care for You”.   

Index And Thumb Crossed Emoji Symbolism

So those were some of the best new emojis of 2022 that you can use in your chats or Instagram and Facebook posts. There are plenty of other new emojis that have been added to the latest Emoji 14.0 set, that have been approved as a part of Unicode 14.0 in 2021. But amongst these, we would like to make a special mention to the emoji having the hand with index finger and thumb crossed. As all the K-Pop fans would already be knowing, this is a symbol of a finger heart, for expressing love or affection towards someone. It has been popularized by South Korean celebrities and K-Pop stars. And now it finally comes to our mobile devices as well!

We would love to know which of these emoticons you liked the best. We would also feel glad if you share with us the various contexts you plan to use these in. Why not make our lives a little brighter by sharing a few laughs and emotions together, whether digitally or in reality. 

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