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Best way to use HDR mode to take photos on your iPhone

Use an iPhone and want to know about HDR mode? Here is everything you want to know.

The HDR mode or High Dynamic Range is a feature that has been used in iPhones for a long time. It is an excellent feature that people tend to either forget or they don’t have adequate information about that. All they can see is turning on makes the image look sharper and turning off keeps the picture natural. 

Well, not wrong, but there is more to it. This article will give a detailed glimpse of what HDR is and how it works. Also how to use it and when to, without further ado let’s get started.

What is HDR?

Dynamic range is the difference between the darkest and lightest regions of an image. Turning on or off the High Dynamic Range will result in capturing more light and shadows from the camera making the image look sharper and vivid. Turning it on in a more detailed scenario helps in creating a close to real representation of what we actually see. But using it in all situations is not good. To understand this even more we need to know how it works.

How does HDR work?

How to use HDR in iPhone
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

With HDR on the aperture of the camera stays open for a longer time capturing more light in the images. Also, multiple images are clicked in different exposure, the main reason why clicking HDR pictures take more time than clicking the normal ones. These multiple images are combined together creating a sharper and brighter image. The software of the phone enhances the darks and whites with details and colours making the image look closer to reality. Now, when to use or when not to use HDR?

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When to / When not to use HDR

When not to

  • High contrast scene – In the colourful environment, the HDR mode will try to balance the light of the image, making it look less vivid.
  • Moving object – The software of your iPhone merges many clicks together to create an HDR photo. If the blur is caught by the camera you will see the impact of it in the final results.
  • Vivid scenes – Depending on an individual’s taste but during a vivid environment, the software will enhance the colours to an extent that images will start to look unnatural.

When to

  • Landscapes – direct and bright sunlight can cause way too much contrast, using HDR will balance it by increasing the blacks.
  • Dim/dark light – The HDR mode will try to compensate with the darker image by adding some light to balance the whites in the photo.
  • Sharper image – Use HDR mode to get sharper images as the process captures multiple photos more details are covered in this mode. 

Now we know everything about HDR, want to know how to switch it on, in your iPhone? Follow the next step

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How to turn on HDR mode in iPhones

On iPhone 8 and above –  Head to Settings>Camera>Smart HDR

HDR mode in iPhone's setting

Note – If “Keep Normal Photo” is turned on it will also save normal photos along with HDR once.

HDR in previous iPhones

On iPhone 7 and below – Just fire up the camera application and you will find the HDR option on the top of the Camera screen, tap it to toggle it on or off.

iPhone 12 and 13 are capable of shooting Dolby Vision HDR videos as well, to turn them on head to Setting>Camera>Record Video> Turn on HDR Video.

How to find HDR photos

For example, if you clicked many pictures in both normal and HDR mode, how would you confirm which image is clicked in HDR mode? Fret not, Apple got you covered. Open the camera roll in your iPhone and you will see an HDR mentioned on the cornet of the Image for you to distinguish it between other images.

HDR in iPhone camera roll

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