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Contacts keep disappearing from Android smartphone? Here are 7 ways to fix the issue

Contacts disappearing automatically in your smartphone? Worry not, here are a few fixes for you.

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One of the most basic yet important functions of any smartphone is the calling feature. With users getting indulged in meeting new people online, it gets difficult to remember each and every detail of a particular person. Especially keeping all the phone numbers in your mind is a big task. But does your contacts keep disappearing

Users usually store these details in the “Contact” application of the device. But what if these contacts start to vanish.? It can be a matter of concern. However, you can easily fix this issue by following the below steps. Here is how to fix contacts that keep disappearing from the Android smartphone problem.

Restart Your Phone

Restart Your Phone

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The thumb rule of every electronic. If any problem occurs, restart the device and give it a try. There might be some problem with UI interfering with the contact application. Restarting the Android device might solve the issue as it refreshes the phone by clearing the memory. After the device is restarted try to open the contacts app and see if the contacts are back or not. If not, head to the next step.

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Turn on or off Sync

Contact synchronisation is important to backup your contacts safely within the cloud. This will help to transfer all the contacts when you switch to a new device as well. Check if the setting is toggled on, if not switch it on. If the setting is already on, switch it off then again turn it back on. This will restart the synchronisation process bringing your contacts back. This is how.

Step 1 – Head to Accounts in Setting.

Accounts in setting

Step 2 – Tap on the Account sync.

Account sync

Step 3 – Turn off all the settings and toggle them back on.

Turn off sync setting

Update the application

Update Contact application

It might be a case that you are running an older version of the application. To fix this update to the latest version of the contact app from the Play Store. Switching it to the latest version should fix the issue. We also recommend checking for any updates on your smartphone as well. If found, update it to the latest version too.

Clear application cache

The sudden vanishing of contacts can be caused by a bad cache saved by your application. Head to the app info of the Contact application after that Storage & cache> Clear cache. Note that clearing cache will not tamper with your already saved contacts. Though if you are planning to clear data make sure you backup the current contacts first.

Clear Cache in Android

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Reset app preference

Resetting the app preference can fix many application issues. By doing so it will reset all the app setting values to default. Here is how you can do it

Step 1 – Open Settings.

Step 2 – Search for “Reset Options” in the settings.

Reset Options

Step 3 – Tap on the Reset app preference.

Step 4 – Accept the prompt and you are good to go.

Reset app preference

Remove Google account

Try removing your Google account if none of these work. There might be an issue with specifically your account. Removing the account and adding it back again should solve the issue. If none of the above methods worked for you, this will work for sure.

Step 1 – Open Settings.

Accounts in setting

Step 2 – Head to accounts and then select the Google account.

Step 3 – Tapping Remove account will directly log out your account from the device. (Your smartphone may ask you for your password or pin).

Remove account

Backup all your contacts

Make a backup of the contacts every 2 months and save it on your Google Drive. By this, you will eliminate the risk of losing any contact.  Try resetting your Android smartphone. This step is not very convenient but will fix any other bug related to the phone as well. But before that do backup your contacts once.

Follow these steps to get rid of contacts that keep disappearing from Android smartphones and we are sure you will see your contacts appearing on your smartphone in no time.

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