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How to fix your bricked Android 11 smartphone

Have you bricked your phone running Android 11? Here are some possible fixes you can consider.

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Android smartphones are the most used as they provide a lot of customisations. From being able to customise the themes to completely changing ROM on your phone, Android has a lot of flexibility. Some people want a little more power over their devices? They might root it to experience seamless customisability and additional options. But trying any of the processes above, there is a good chance you might brick your phone. Now the question is how to fix a bricked Android?

There are two types of brick ditches you can fall in. The first one is a soft brick. If your phone is soft bricked it will generally be stuck in a boot loop or will show signs of life but you won’t be able to use your phone. The other condition is a red flag for your device, the hard brick. If your device has been hard bricked, it will be completely unresponsive and won’t even show life signs even if you try to turn it on. Here are solutions for both conditions.

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Table of Contents

Soft Brick

For this, you might need to go into recovery mode. Different brands have a different set of keys to do so, generally, it’s the Volume up and power keys used so we will consider these 

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Step 1 – Shut off your phone completely.

Step 2 – Press the volume up + power button until you see the boot screen.(Consider checking how to enter recovery mode for your device as it might differ if it didn’t work for you)

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Step 3 – Navigate to Wipe Cache Partitions and start the process (Samsung phone used for demo purpose).

If that doesn’t work, you are left with doing a factory reset via your system recovery.

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Step 4 – Follow till step 2 and now navigate to Wipe data/factory reset

This process will completely erase the data from your phone giving it a fresh start. Doing this should successfully fix a soft brick issue. If you tried to flash a ROM and this issue started, you might have used a custom recovery tool like TWRP. Do the same process and try to load a fresh ROM to see if it works.

Hard brick

Fixing a hard bricked device needs professional assistance. As it can be caused due to the wrong kernel and can be repaired by replacing it. Replacing the kernel nowadays means you will be needed to change the entire motherboard. It will also result in the loss of all your device’s important files kept in storage. Visit the nearest service centre to get professional help.

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Replacing ROMs needs some level of experience to achieve, we advise always learning things from professionals to avoid these situations. If the bricking process started with updates provided by the company, the brand will take complete responsibility for that. As we saw with the case of Xiaomi Mi A3 undergoing a soft brick and the company provided free repair to all the users.

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