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How to remove ads in any Xiaomi or Redmi device

Tired of irritating ad popups on your Xiaomi and Redmi devices? Here is how to fix it.

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Xiaomi is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world and has leading sales in India. This is mainly possible due to the company offering good specifications at lower prices. The reason why the company is able to give such good specifications at lower prices is by generating revenue with targeted ads. 

With the update to MIUI 10, the company allowed users to manually remove these targeted ads from the smartphone. There is not one simple button to stop them but has to follow a bunch of steps. Here is how to remove Ads in any Xiaomi or Redmi device.

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Revoke MSA authorization

This is the first step of disabling ads. MSA stands for MIUI system ads and by the name, we can know it will be a building block of this journey. As it is a system app thus it’s not available on the home screen. 

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Go to Setting>Password and Security>Authorization and Revocation

After finding this scroll down to the toggle off button next to the MSA option. By disabling it, Xiaomi now won’t have permission to display ads in the MIUI system application.  

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Disable Ads for GetApps

On the same “Authorization and Revocation section” find GetApps. After finding it toggle off the button next to it as well. This option will stop all the annoying apps from the MIUI application store. There is nothing to worry about if you are an active user of the application store as it will just stop the ads and you will still be able to use it.

Stop targeted ads

This step is not to remove ads but to not allow the company to fetch your personal data and play ads according to recommendations. 

In order to toggle it off, one needs to go to Settings > Password and Security > Privacy > Ad Services and Toggle off Personalized ad recommendations.

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Default Applications

MSA removes most of the ads from the MIUI but there still are few default applications by the company’s showing ad recommendations and here is how you can shut each one of them.

  • Mi Security Scan

Xiaomi and Redmi devices perform a security scan before allowing users to run it from Google Play Store.  Head to the Play Store and tap on any random trusted application. As soon as the scan starts, tap on the cogwheel displayed on the top right corner of the screen. Search for the “Receive Recommendation” setting and toggle it off.

  • Mi Security App

MIUI has a built-in security application to perform scans and it also optimises the smartphone’s performance but it has inbuilt ads as well. It’s simple to disable them by opening the app and tapping on the cogwheel on the top right corner. Make sure you follow the same steps for cleaner and booster as well on the same application.

  • Mi File Manager

The file manager has a hidden option to remove ads from it. Open the application and go to the file manager settings. In the setting tap on the About section. In it will be an option for Recommendations, toggle it off.

  • Mi Browser

After so many security issues Xiaomi worked hard to make it better but it still has personalised ads and it’s easy to switch them off. Open the browser and head to browser settings > Privacy & security > Disable the personalized services.

  • Mi Downloads

This is the most common application that gets on people’s nerves. One can disable ads simply by going to settings and disable “Show Recommended Content”.

  • Mi Themes

Many users like to customise their smartphones which the company surely allows but offers a lot of ads in return. Here is how you can stop these ads. Open the themes application then tap on profile in the bottom right corner of the screen. Search for the setting option and disable recommendations.

  • Mi Music

It’s easy to do this in the Music app by simply opening the app and tapping on the menu icon in the top left corner. In their tap on setting then, in the Advance setting toggle off the recommendations option.

  • Mi Video

This is almost the same as the music application. Just open the application and tap on Profile > Settings > Toggle of Online Recommendations.

Following these steps will make your device advertisement free and one can use their Redmi or Xiaomi device without a hassle. We also recommend going to settings and search for recommendations, ads or similar settings if any other system application is causing this problem.

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