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Top 5 ways to fix if you are unable to download apps on your Android phone?

Downloading an application causing trouble on your Android device? Follow these steps to get rid of this problem.

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There is a selection of applications available in the Google Play Store. Google Play is a digital distribution service owned by Google and provides service to all Android users. Not being able to download applications from Google play is a common issue faced by many. There is no such one medicine that fixes all methods for this option but one option from below will surely solve the problem. Here are the top 5 ways to fix if you are unable to download apps on your Android phone.

Check Internet Connection

If the download ain’t starting or the PlayStore is showing you offline. It is definitely a problem of either a slow connection or no connection. Make sure you are connected on an Internet connection that is strong and has a decent speed. If you are connected to Wi-Fi, try switching to mobile data or vice versa. Also, make sure the VPN is disabled as it sometimes hinders the download. 

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  • Force stop and Clear Data

Clearing data and force stopping the Play Store will give it a fresh start. By this method, most of the problems related to the Play Store like general bugs or downloading issues should be fixed. Here is how to do it.

Step 1 – Hold the Play Store icon for 1 second to see options.

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Step 2 – Select App info from the listed options.

App info

Step 3 – First press force stop in the opened window.

Step 4 – Next head to the Storage option.

Storage option

Step 5 – Press the Clear storage option.

Clear Storage

The name of the above may differ in phones according to the brand one is using. Play store Majorly relies on Play Services and Download Manager. If the problem by this step persists try to clear the data of the Play Services and Download manager as well.

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  • Reinstall Play Store

If the above didn’t work for you, worry not. There is a possibility that the Play Store got updated incorrectly and caused the issue. Uninstalling the update and updating it back can resolve this issue. Here are steps on how you can do it. 

Step 1 – Hold the play store icon for 1 second to see options.

Step 2 – Select App info from the listed options.

App info

Step 3 – Tap the three-dot on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4 – Select Uninstall Updates and then Ok to confirm.

Uninstall updates

This will revert the Play Store to its factory settings. Start using play store and the application will automatically update in the background. One can try restarting their Android smartphone as well. 

  • Remove your Google account and re-add it

There might be an account-related issue that can cause this to happen. To eliminate that doubt follow these steps to remove your Google account and re-add it.

Step 1 – Open Setting. 

Step 2 – Head to the Accounts section.


Step 3 –  Select the Google account that is needed to be removed. (Phone might ask you pin or password to complete the process)

Remove account

Open Google Play Store again and it will ask you to sign in. Just input the credentials and you are good to go.

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  • Factory Reset the phone

Usually, this is not required and can be avoided to fix such an issue. But one can consider completely wiping off all the data from their Android smartphone to give it a fresh start. Also, after the process, the applications won’t download from the get-go. As Google first completes the syncing process and puts the apps in the queue to download later. In these cases, Google will either won’t start the download or show “pending download” for everything in the queue. Wait for the initial processes to complete and try again.

These were some simple steps that one can follow to fix unable to download apps on your Android phone. Mostly the general issues can be solved with the first 3 steps. If the problem persists we advise you to take your Android smartphone to your respective service centres.

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