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Top 7 ways to fix Instagram crashing on Android and iOS

Is your Instagram crashing again and again on your smartphone? Here is how you can fix it.

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Instagram is one of the most popular online social networking platforms owned by Facebook. With so many users on this platform, crashes and problems are very common. Does your Instagram crashing on Android and iOS again and again? 

Well, there can be several issues from uploading, scrolling or opening a message to a bug to get triggered and cause the app to crash. There is no one troubleshoot option to fix it so here are the top 7 ways to fix Instagram crashing on Android and iOS smartphones.

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The easiest and the most efficient way to fix Instagram crashing is restarting your smartphone. Rebooting the phone clears out any temporary errors and glitches giving the phone as well as the application a fresh start. 

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iPhone restart

Press the power button for 3 seconds on either your Android smartphone or iOS device (depending upon your iOS device the restart method may vary) and choose the restart option. After the restart is completed try opening Instagram again. If the problem persists try the next steps.

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Restart Phone

  • Update the application

Crashes can occur due to some bugs or glitches within the application as well. Companies come across many bugs on a daily basis and roll out updates to fix them. Check Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS devices for any update for the application available. Most of the bugs are likely to get solved by updating the application to the latest version.

Update insta

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  • Clear Cache 

Caches are a small amount of information that the smartphone stores to quickly open the application. Sometimes these crashes get stored in the cache files called bad cache. It can be fixed by clearing the cache file of the application. 

Unfortunately, this service is limited to only Android smartphones and Apple users can skip this step. Long press the application and select App info > storage > tap the clear cache option. Alternate to this is heading to setting > Apps > Instagram > storage > clear cache. Try reopening the application and check if the trick worked for you.

Clear cache

  • Check Storage

Applications have become storage hungry nowadays. Storing tons of information to give you a fluent experience is a trade-off. Make sure you check the storage on your smartphone. It should have at least 10%-15% of free storage space. A cluttered device can cause the app to freeze, lag and crash. 

In Android

Step 1 – Head to setting  

Step 2 – Open the storage option and check the free storage available on your device

Android storage

In iOS 

Step 1 – Open Setting

Step 2 – Head to general 

Step 3 – Choose iPhone storage

iPhone Storage

If you notice that there is less storage space on your device. Try clearing up some clutter and try opening the application again.

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  • Check Codec or extension

If the issue arises while uploading a video, story or posting an image. It can be the issue of a codec or an extension. There are many codecs like MPEG, FLV, 3GP for example, which Instagram does not support. Try converting your video to more known formats like MP4 and lower the video quality (1080p at 60fps is recommended) by using any third party applications available.

The same goes for images as well. Try keeping the images in well-known extensions like JPEG or PNG to easily upload them.

  • Check the Downdetector

Down Detector

It is a possibility that Instagram is crashing for everyone. This problem can occur due to server problems from Instagram. Checking it is very simple. Just visit  DownDetector to check for any outage issues with Instagram. If yes, don’t worry the issue gets fixed in some time usually.

  • Re-install Instagram

It is the last option if none of the options works. Uninstall the application and reinstall it. This probably will fix the crashing of the application. Long-press the application icon and tap on Uninstall or remove the app respectively. 

Confirm the prompt and re-download the application from the respective app store. If you are a beta user make sure you leave the beta program before reinstalling the application. There might be a chance that the beta version had some issues.

Uninstall Insta

These are the top 7 ways to fix Instagram crashing on Android and iOS, which will help you and make your social media platform running back again. We also advise checking for updates of phone OS as well. It is rare for this to cause an issue, but updating the phone operating system via the settings menu of the phone will fix any firmware related issues causing the crash.

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