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How to fix storage full issue on WhatsApp

This is how you can create more space for WhatsApp without deleting any app.

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Whatsapp is a very popular messenger app that almost everyone on this planet has a smartphone uses on a daily basis. It offers many features to connect with people in a better way and they include sharing photos and videos, video and audio calls, sharing documents and lately WhatsApp has added payments features as well. 

But if you use WhatsApp on a daily basis then it is only a matter of time that your storage gets full. So, in this article, we will guide you through How to fix storage full issue on WhatsApp.

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Just follow these simple steps and you should be able to clean the storage from your phone to use WhatsApp effortlessly. 

Clean WhatsApp media

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If you share a lot of photos and videos with your family and friends then most of the storage will be filled up with copies of videos that you shared. You just have to get rid of those copies and that’s it. Just open WhatsApp and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner and go to settings.
  2. Now tap on Storage and data.Whatsapp storage
  3. Then click on Manage storage, you will find top chats that use most storage along with WhatsApp media. Whatsapp manage storage- Whatsapp storage full issue
  4. Just clean all the copies and unwanted videos and photos, and that is it. 

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Delete files from file explorer 

Some of the old videos and photos do not appear in WhatsApp so you can simply go to file explorer and delete them. To do this just follow these steps:

  1. Open file explorer/manager on your phone.
  2. After that go to internal storage and find the WhatsApp folder.Delete everything- Whatsapp storage full issue
  3. Now that you have found the folder it is time to clean everything, which is not needed, and that’s it.

In this way, you can clean up storage on your phone to use WhatsApp.

A risky way to clean storage

One interesting hack that we found to clean up storage on the phone we are using is that we reinstalled WhatsApp. Yes, you read it correctly. We have used this hack a lot of times and here is how you can use it too:

  1. Make a backup of your chat if you want to, if not then it will make even more space at the end of this hack.
  2. After you have made a backup of your chat it is time to either uninstall Whatsapp or just clear the data.
  3. Now when you will log in again on Whatsapp just tap on restore backup (If created), and that’s all.

Even if you have restored the backup (along with media) then also you will be able to create more storage. Apart from these hacks, you should always turn off auto download on Whatsapp to save more space.

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