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How to optimise your videos to boost your YouTube channel?

For growing a YouTube channel, you must focus on your content as well as its marketing. Here are some tips.

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YouTube is one of the most prominent mediums to express your talent and skills. In fact, several people around the world have opted for creating YouTube videos as their career. The YouTube community has drastically grown in the past decade with the increased availability of the internet in different parts of the world.

For growing a YouTube channel, you must focus on your content as well as marketing it. At the end of the day, your content will indeed take your channel ahead. However, you cannot underrate the importance of the associated promotional tags and tactics.

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The following tips shall help your videos reach a wider audience and give a boost to your channel.

1) Write a catchy video description

The video description not only tells YouTube users about the genre of your channel but also increases its SEO reach of your video. Almost all famous YouTubers including Unbox Therapy, Logan Paul, and Markiplier use attractive words to describe their content. A description containing keywords and catchy phrases have an immediate impact on the viewer that makes him/her want to explore the channel. Famous YouTubers frequently use keywords like ‘original’, ‘hilarious’, ‘parodies’, ‘coolest’, and ‘surprising’.

2) Create Subtitles for your videos

Subtitles are captions that usually appear at the bottom part as you play the video. Subtitles are often ignored and underrated by YouTuber who just started their channel. However, they play an important role to attract a diverse community. Not all viewers of a video belong to a particular linguistic community. Video captions serve as the main window for them to figure out your channel’s content. Thus, try to include subtitles in as many languages as possible.

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3) Go Live frequently

Going live has become a popular trend among the YouTube community. This helps them interact with their fans and talks more about their thoughts and what new content they wish to bring forth in the future. Meanwhile, they also get suggestions and recommendations in real-time regarding the likings of the audience. Regular interaction through Q&A shows with viewers helps the YouTubers keep a track of the demands of the viewers from them. When they know about the preferences of their viewer base, their videos are bound to hit more views with each upload.

Go Live frequently
Go Live frequently

4) Choose your video tags/keywords wisely

For YouTube, your video is just an accumulation of graphics and text. No matter how hard you try on your content, YouTube won’t recommend it on the searches unless you add tags that clearly talk about the content of your video. To reach out to a wider audience, avoid redundancy in your tag selection. For instance, while uploading a music video, avoid using ‘singing’, and ‘music’ together because ‘singing’ is a subclass of ‘music’. Instead, use ‘music’ and ‘art’ together to invite people interesting in music as well as other art forms.

5) Use Video Cards

YouTube Video cards help a YouTuber increase engagement in his/her channel. By using them, you can attract an audience from other YouTubers to give a boost to your channel. There are several methods to use YouTuber cards. These are as follows.

  • Asking the viewers for funding future video
  • Asking for donations for a non-profit cause
  • Conducting a poll to know about the demand of the viewers
  • Link to an authorised crowdfunding website
  • Refer similar content by other YouTubers

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