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How to resolve the ‘Frozen Mouse’ issue on a laptop?

The frozen mouse cursor is a common yet serious issue. Here are the simple ways to resolve it.

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You might have observed while working on your PC that all of a sudden, the mouse cursor stops moving. This issue is commonly known as the ‘Frozen Mouse’ problem. Touchpad or mouse is a necessary function. It makes your task convenient. Thus, this issue can’t be ignored especially when you face this problem frequently. In his article, we will talk about the major causes and ways to resolve this problem.

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How does the frozen cursor look like?

While using your system, you may suddenly experience the following issues that are indicative of the frozen mouse issue.

  • The system screen freezes and the mouse cursor disappears.
  • The cursor does not move at all even when you swipe the touchpad.
  • No response after clicking the buttons or scrolling the wheel.
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Why does your mouse get frozen?

It is a myth that an issue with the mouse or keyboard is the sole cause of the frozen mouse cursor. There are several causes for the frozen mouse cursor. These include the unavailability of CPU resources, crashing of the mouse driver, and a problem with the current application. In some cases it is the hardware itself as well.

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How to resolve the frozen mouse problem?

Restarting the system solves the frozen mouse problem in most cases. However, you can implement take the following steps.

1) Ensure that the touchpad is active: In some laptops, tapping a certain portion of the touchpad disables the touchpad. It gives an impression as if the mouse cursor is frozen. Thus, ensure your laptop has not disabled the touchpad. Sometime it is connected to a Fn key on the laptop as well to enable to disable it.

2) Reinstall the application: Sometimes the installation of the recent application causes the mouse cursor to freeze. Boot the system into safe mode and reinstall the application.

3) Update the mouse driver: AN obsolete mouse driver often develops compatibility issues. Thus, update your mouse driver in safe mode.

4) Enable the mouse in the Device Manager: Go to Start > Device Manager > Mice and other pointing devices. If you find an exclamation mark, it indicates a disabled. Right-click the icon and select the ‘Enable Device’ option to enable the driver.

Enable the mouse in the Device Manager
Enable the mouse in the Device Manager

5) Troubleshoot the external mouse: An external hardware issue could also be responsible for the frozen mouse cursor. The external mouse that you connected might be incompatible or damaged. Thus, troubleshoot the connected mouse.

It should be noted that troubleshooting can only resolve compatibility issues. If your device is found to be damaged, it shall need to be replaced.

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