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How To Use Colorful And Stylish Fonts In Your WhatsApp?

Bold, Italicize or increase the font size to spice up your Whatsapp life now!

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Now, wouldn’t you agree on the fact that your messaging personality is a bit different from your actual one? In case you didn’t know yet, Whatsapp even provides different font styles for you. Among your choices are the font type Bold, Italics, Strikethrough and Monospace, which are supported on Whatsapp. Moreover, the font size of the text can be changed too. When all these bright options are available for you to add to your texting personality, why do you want to send just a boring text? Below are demonstrated simple steps with pictorial representations on how to change the font size or use colourful and stylish fonts in your Whatsapp messages:

To Change Font Style in Whatsapp Manually:

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Whatsapp does not provide you with the option to change the font style of texts throughout its app. Hence, you have to do it for each message you’re sending. Following are the formats to achieve the corresponding style effects in Whatsapp (with the pictorial representation right below it):

  • Bold: *abc*
  • Italics: _abc_
  • Strikethrough: ~abc~
  • Monospace: “`abc“`
  • For combining any two effects, you combine their formats. For example, to write a text in both bold and italics, the format would be *_abc_* (as shown below).

How To Use Colorful And Stylish Fonts In Your WhatsApp?

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To Change Font Style in Whatsapp Automatically:

Step 1: Instead of manually typing the formats, you can instead type your text, select it, long tap on it and click on the 3 dots as shown below:

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Changing Font Style Automatically- How To Use Colorful And Stylish Fonts In Your WhatsApp?

Step 2: A list appears containing all the 4 main options- Bold, Italics, Strikethrough and Monospace, as shown below. Select the appropriate one, and your text will be formatted accordingly.

Changing Font Style Automatically- How To Use Colorful And Stylish Fonts In Your WhatsApp?

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To Change Font Size in Whatsapp:

Step 1: Click on the 3 dots displayed on the top right corner in the Whatsapp interface as shown below.

Step 1-Changing font size in Whatsapp

Step 2: Click on Settings from the drop-down list that appears. 

Step 2-Changing font size in Whatsapp

Step 3: Click on the Chats option within the Settings window. 

Step 3-Changing font size

Step 4: Select the Font size option within the Chats window.

Step 4

Step 5: You are provided with 3 font sizes namely Small, Medium and Large by Whatsapp. Select the appropriate option and your font size will change throughout the app.

Step 5

To Change Font Colour in Whatsapp:

Although Whatsapp provides different font styles and size options, the option to change the colour of your text is still not there yet. However, changing font colour is possible via 3rd party apps like Colour Text, Text Styler for Whatsapp, Blue Words and more. These apps provide a range of different colourful and stylish fonts for Whatsapp messaging which you can utilise for enhancing your texts. You can download more such apps from here.

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Using colourful and stylish fonts adds some quirkiness to your messaging personality. You can bold your chats to make yourself appear as if you’re speaking in a louder tone (you know, in case you’re angry at someone, or maybe want to assert your authority). In the same way, Italics can be used to give a different tone to your voice through messaging. It makes texting much more fun, doesn’t it? Let us know how you feel about using these fonts in the comments section below. 

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