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Tips To Boost AC Cooling and Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Here’s how you can get the most out of your AC and keep the electricity bill in check.

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The roaring summer is here in full effect. As the temperatures soar to new highs, it is no surprise that AC usage is at its peak. The only downside is that AC units are power-hungry appliances that can shoot up your electricity bill by a great margin. Older air conditioners struggle to cool the room efficiently while consuming more power. Luckily, we have a few tips that will help you boost your AC’s cooling capacity while reducing the electricity bill. Let’s take a look.

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Regular Servicing

Regular Servicing

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It is highly recommended that you get your air conditioner serviced every summer. Not only does it boost the cooling capacity of the AC, it also increases its longevity. When it is in constant use, the AC tends to accumulate a lot of dust in its air filter. Condenser fins are susceptible to mould growth when the device has been dormant for a long period. A quick servicing at the start of the season ensures that the air conditioner is in perfect condition. A faulty AC is not only less efficient, but it can also consume more power than usual.

Keep the temperature around 24°C

Keep the temperature around 24°C

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The Bureau of Energy Efficiency recommends keeping the cooling temperature around 24°C. Most air conditioners have their default temperature set to 24°C. For every drop in degree, the AC uses 6% more power. While lower temperatures can cool a room pretty quickly, they may not be beneficial for an extended period of time. It is suggested that you set the temperature between 24°C and 28°C and let the AC slowly cool the room.

Seal the room

Seal the room. Tips To Boost AC Cooling and Reduce Your Electricity Bill

When the AC is turned on, make sure all the doors and windows in your room are sealed shut. Cover the windows with curtains to reduce the heating due to sunlight. Failing to take these measures will expedite the loss of cooling in your room. The AC consumes more power when the room temperature isn’t stable and is constantly influenced by external factors. By limiting the flow of air and reducing the passage of external heat, you can keep your room cool for a longer period of time.

Use the timer

Use the timer. Tips To Boost AC Cooling and Reduce Your Electricity Bill

While cooling your room at night, use the timer on your AC remote. It is very common to forget to turn off the AC when you go to bed. The room temperate is already pretty low at night and you don’t need the AC to be cooling your room throughout the night. Setting the timer shuts off the AC after the stipulated time period. This will save you a lot of money on your electricity bill.

Turn on the ceiling fan

Turn on the ceiling fan. Tips To Boost AC Cooling and Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Using the ceiling fan along with the air conditioner is a great way to keep the cool air circulating in the room. You don’t need the fan running at the highest speed. It should be enough to keep a steady airflow so that cool air reaches every corner of the room. If you’ve got a big room, a single AC unit might take a long time to cool it down. Turning on the ceiling fan ensures that the chill air reaches every part of the room.

Use Eco Mode

Most air conditioners these days are equipped with a super helpful ‘Eco Mode’. Once this mode is enabled, your AC cools the room at regular intervals to cut down on overall usage. After every quarter of an hour, the AC gauges the temperature of the air. If the temperature is above the desired level, the AC turns on and cools the room down to the ideal temperature. This gets rid of the need to keep the AC turned on at all times.

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These tips will help you boost AC cooling and reduce your electricity bill by a considerable margin. If you’re buying a new AC, always check the star rating of the unit before making the purchase. This standardised rating is given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. A higher rating means that the AC is energy-friendly and uses power efficiently. 

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