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Top easy ways to earn Reddit Karma: Full Guide

Need more Reddit Karma? Boost your numbers by getting more upvotes.

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Reddit is one of the biggest link aggregator websites in the world. Like Facebook and Twitter, Reddit has a ‘like’ counter of its own. A ‘like’ on Reddit is called an ‘upvote’. Reddit also allows its users to ‘downvote’ a post, unlike Facebook or Twitter. This means that the content that makes it to the front page on Reddit is decided by the net score received by the post. Reddit profiles also have a net cumulative score for all the upvotes and downvotes that the user receives on every post or comment they make. This is called Reddit ‘Karma’. In this article, we show you the top easy ways to earn Karma on Reddit.

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How is Reddit Karma calculated?

Most users think that your Reddit Karma is the direct reflection of your net upvotes and downvotes. This is only partly true. Once your post starts getting upvotes, the net score (after calculating the downvotes) is added directly to your Karma. However, after a post hits a certain number of upvotes, not every upvote counts as one Karma point. You will need a certain number of upvotes to increase the Karma count by one. Reddit does this to make sure bots do not game the system by reposting popular content on the website. 

How can I earn Reddit Karma?

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Here are some of the easy ways you can earn Karma on Reddit.

Comment or post in r/FreeKarma4You

Comment or post in r/FreeKarma4You

If you have just made a Reddit profile, you may have noticed that your comments get removed by the Automoderator on most subreddits simply because you don’t have enough Karma required to post on that subreddit. Most subreddits take this measure to avoid comments from bots and banned users who use a fake account to get around the ban. 

If you’re a new user, this may come across as annoying since you cannot gain Karma without participating in the first place. Communities like r/FreeKarma4You exist to help new users reach a certain amount of Karma so they can participate in whichever subreddit they want to. You can get immediate upvotes simply by commenting on any post on that subreddit or making a post of your own.

Comment in Rising posts

Comment in Rising posts

Now that you’ve got the minimum karma required to participate in larger subreddits, you can freely comment and post whatever you like as long as follow the subreddit rules and Reddit Etiquette. Commenting on ‘Rising’ posts increases the chances of your comments being seen by a greater number of people, leading to more upvotes. Simply switch to the ‘Rising’ tab and you’ll be able to see which posts are getting the most traction on the subreddit. Commenting on older posts severely decreases the chances of your comment being seen as all the upvoted comments have already made their way to the top. Since Rising posts are almost always new, your comments get more visibility leading to a greater chance of gaining more Karma.

Post meaningful comments

If you want your comments to get upvoted, make sure they contribute something of substance to the post. Instead of making cursory comments, post something that either expands on the subject or starts a discourse. On the flip side, going into too many unnecessary details can discourage other users from reading your comment. If you’re about to post a long comment, make sure you attach a tl;dr (short summary of what you wrote) with it. 

Participate in larger subreddits

Participate in larger subreddits

Larger subreddits like r/askreddit, r/music, and r/videos get a lot of regular traffic at all times of the day. Your comments and posts will reach a larger number of users if you participate in those subreddits. Since they are large communities, make sure you read the rules and content guidelines before posting, to prevent Automoderator from flagging your post. 

Post unique and original content

Since there are millions of daily active users on Reddit, reposts are far too common. Unique and original posts are more appreciated by the users and have a greater chance of getting upvoted. Make sure the content you post is relevant to the subreddit. Browse through the ‘Hot’ and ‘Top’ posts of the subreddit first to get an idea of what kind of content is typically popular within that community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy Reddit Karma?

No, you cannot buy Reddit Karma. You can only gain it by participating on the website. You can participate by posting a comment or creating a new Reddit post.

What can I do with Reddit Karma?

Outside of Reddit, you cannot do anything with Reddit Karma. Even within the platform, Reddit Karma serves no purpose other than making your comments a little credible. Comments from a profile with a negatively Karma score may not be taken seriously by other Reddit users.

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These are the top easy ways to earn Reddit Karma. If a recent comment or post you made on Reddit gained a lot of upvotes, it can take some time for it to reflect on your Karma. This is because, after a certain number of upvotes, the Reddit algorithm limits the effect it can have on your net Karma. Downvotes are capable of lowering your Karma score, so make sure you always follow the Reddit Etiquettes while posting or commenting on Reddit.

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