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Google not to operate in China, says Sundar Pichai

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai has declared that he has no plans to launch Google in China. He said that he would be very straight forward about this and has no setbacks in this regard. His main objective is to provide users with information which according to him is a fundamental right. Since in China, he cannot operate freely in terms of the above, he would rather not operate there.

China has a strong censorship policy, which includes digital censorship. Google used to operate in China until 2010. After China’s censorship policy began, it started to compromise with freely communicating information to netizens that is deeply rooted in the company’s core values.

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“We have no plans to launch in China. We don’t have a search product there. Our core mission is to provide users access to information and getting access to information is an important human right” Pichai said.

A congressman, David Cicilline said that since Google’s resignation to operate in China after the strict censorship rules became active, the state of the country hasn’t changed in this regard. Earlier when Google was planning to relaunch in China through an app by negotiating with the censorship rules, it was protested against by human rights activists, and some Google employees.

When Cicilline asked Sundar Pichai that whether he has any plans to operate in China by conforming to the censorship rules, Pichai asserted “Congressman, I commit to engaging one of the things which is important to us as a company. We have a stated mission of providing users with information and so we think it’s in our duty to explore possibilities, to give users access to information and I have that commitment but you know as I said earlier on this, we will be very thoughtful and we will engage widely as we make progress.”

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