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7 Top weather widget apps for iPhone

Want to use a weather application for your iPhone? Here are our top picks.

Planning to go out on a bike ride, jogging, take a walk outside or go for an adventurous trip knowing the weather outside ahead of the time is necessary. To solve this Apple has given weather applications built into the UI so that it gets easy for users. The Weather app for iPhone is very basic.

There might be some cases that a user is not satisfied with the default application and wants a third party one, no worries we got you covered. Here are 7 top weather widget apps for the iPhone.

AccuWeather_ Weather Alerts      

One of the most accurate and versatile applications that many companies collaborate with. The application has its own widget and the newer iOS version supporting widgets making the application a versatile choice. It displays information like winds, rain and snow. 

The schedule set can be from hourly to monthly. The animation on the application looks beautiful and even better with a widget. The hyper localization map lets you access temperature contour maps and live tropical storm radar. You can ask Siri to read weather articles for you in the application natively.

Download Here

  • Windy.app – wind & weather

Windy.app - wind & weather

The application helps you group down the selected parameters together giving you a detailed chart of weather-related information. The weather is specifically designed to offer you wind and wait for conditions which is ideal for people interested in water or wind-related sports. If there is any storm or tide the application will offer you a detailed overview of what is causing it and show the wind velocity and temperatures along with the direction. The Windy.app doubles up as a compass so can be used in difficult situations.

Download Here

  •  CARROT weather

CARROT weather

The application is famous for its simplicity and stands ahead design. The applications present the weather in an interesting and funny way so you love to interact with a basic weather application. It gives you clues to track down a secret location. The Ui of the application is editable so you can arrange internal settings according to your liking. The weather data is fetched from the best applications in the market like Dark Sky, AccuWeather, and ClimaCell. You can see voice notifications for alerts like rain, lightning, storm and more.

Download Here

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  • MyWeather – 10-Day Forecast

MyWeather – 10-Day Forecast

The application has a cartoonish style UI that gives out an instant notification on weather forecasts. As per the name, the application gives you a 10-days forecast with time trends and multiple data sources. You can select from light or dark themes according to your taste. There are multiple widgets available for the same and you can also choose from seasonal themes to get more indulgent with the application.

Download Here

  • Forecast Bar – Weather + Radar

Forecast Bar – Weather + Radar

Get personalised daily weather report with Forecast Bar. Select the application for which weather you want to be notified. In this, you get accurate and live updates of the local weather and information like the speed of the wind, dew point, pressure, and UV index. The accurate timing for sunrise and sunset can also be viewed in the UI and widget.

Download Here 

  • Weather Widget & Radar Fuji 

Weather Widget & Radar Fuji

The application is famous for its beautiful design widgets that are customisable. Choose a theme from the festival or seasonal and the widget will change itself automatically. The live widget changes the look in real-time according to the weather and pollution outside. Apart from that you also get detailed information about weather, temperature, humidity, rain, and wind direction.

Download Here

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  • Weather Fit: Accurate Forecast

Weather Fit_ Accurate Forecast

This application is interesting as after installing the application, you are asked to set up your avatar based on sex, skin tone, the colour of hair, and the beard. Now the application will give you outfit ideas according to the weather outside. The application will create a beautiful season according to the weather outside and the avatar which you made will be wearing the cloth accordingly, giving you clues on what you can wear and look good according to the weather outside. The avatar changes its outfit according to the real-time forecast outside. making it one of the best Weather app for iphone

Download Here

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