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Best ways to use LiDAR Scanner on iPhone

Here’s what you can do with the LiDAR scanner on your iPhone.

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The LiDAR scanner was first introduced with the iPhone 12 and has been an exclusive feature of the Pro models ever since. LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging. As you can guess already, LiDAR determines the shape, distance, and measurements of the objects in your surroundings by bouncing light signals off them and processing the results. LiDAR is quite similar to RADAR, the only difference being that it uses light signals instead of radio waves. In this article, we bring you the best ways to use the LiDAR scanner on your iPhone.

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Take accurate measurements

Take accurate measurements

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LiDAR records accurate measurements of the objects around you by scanning the signals that bounce off their surface and edges. While there are a ton of measuring apps for your iPhone, the ones that use LiDAR are generally much more accurate than the others. The native ‘Measure’ app works perfectly fine as well. Apart from measuring dimensions, LiDAR can also tell the distance of the object from you.

Low light photography 

Low light photography 

Capturing good images in low light conditions can be a real struggle. Most cameras find it hard to focus on a subject in dimly light surroundings. With LiDAR, this is not an issue. Using this technology, your iPhone can detect the distance of the subject from the lens and help the camera focus on it. Even in challenging situations, you will be able to take highly detailed images using LiDAR.

Redecorate your house

Redecorate your house. best ways to use lidar scanner on iphone

If you’re planning on carrying out a facelift for your house, you need to plan things out virtually first. With LiDAR, your iPhone is perfectly equipped to handle the task. There are tons of apps on the App Store that will help you create 3D renders of a room using LiDAR. Once you’ve got an accurate 3D representation of a room, you can use it to see how the furniture will fit into it. This will save you a lot of labour in readjusting the furniture in real-time.

AR Gaming

AR Gaming. best ways to use lidar scanner on iphone

Over the years, AR Gaming has become incredibly immersive. LiDAR takes the immersion to a whole new level, as it is able to gauge your surroundings better than a regular camera and can easily embed AR objects on it, making them look life-like. Several apps like Ikea and LEGO Hidden Side already use LiDAR to interact with real-world surroundings.

Create 3D models

Create 3D models. best ways to use lidar scanner on iphone

Using LiDAR, you can create accurate 3D models of the objects around you. The process of creating 3D scans and renders of real-life objects is called ‘photogrammetry’ and is a well-established part of movie making. Apps like Polycam can take 3D scans of objects within minutes. If you’re working on an art project, this feature can be of tremendous help.

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These are the best ways you can use the LiDAR scanner on your iPhone. If you’re wondering where the LiDAR scanner is located, it’s the small round circle at the bottom right corner of the camera panel. LiDAR is only available on the iPhone Pro models since the 12 series and iPad.

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