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PUBG Mobile: How to choose the right grip?

Some important information for anyone who wants the chicken dinner.

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Since popular battle royale PUBG made its way to smartphones as PUBG Mobile, scores of players across the globe are just focussed on somehow getting the chicken dinner. To be the last standing man in the game, pure skill does not help and one needs to know a number of tips and tricks. Besides this, having knowledge of weapons and some secret locations also help. But then, there is one more thing that you must know about: Grips.

They can be equipped on various guns in the play and they drastically enhance the players’ accuracy. However, using any grip with any gun wouldn’t help either. A grip proves to be beneficial only when it adds some value to achieving better kills. Here, we have listed down all the PUBG Mobile grips in the order of their versatility and performance during combat based on the abilities of each gun. Take a look:

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Number 1 – The Half Grip

This is the most versatile grip that is available in PUBG Mobile as of now and it gets a number of upgrades to a player’s skills. When a player is engaged in combat, he needs the ability to shoot at and stay on the target the most. According to Tencent Games, the half grip fairly reduces recoil and most importantly improves recoil recovery. This enables the player to get better aimed and a greater number of shots at the enemy.

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While half grip does a better job at controlling the vertical recoil than it does with horizontal recoil, but it has a quick recovery time that can make one overlook all of its other shortcomings. However, we should point out that one major shortcoming is also that the weapon steadiness decreases when the player uses this attachment. So, it is advisable to use this grip only with steady weapons like UMP9, AUG A3, and the Vector.

Number 2 – The Thumb Grip

A number of PUBG Mobile players place their bets on the vertical grip and say that it is better than the thumb grip. But then, the thumb gets the second spot on the list because it is extremely versatile. We should mention that while the thumb grip lessens the recoil on a good scale, it cannot match up to the vertical grip. Another thing worth mentioning is that it reduces the time taken to open a scope. The company has also said that it enhances weapon stability.

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Number 3 – The Vertical Grip

The vertical grip is the preferred choice of weapon for many who play PUBG Mobile and as the name suggests, it comes with a strong vertical kick. It is the only attachment that is actually compatible with the Tommy Gun. The company says that the vertical grip is very versatile. While the vertical recoil is predictable, the horizontal one is not as it goes both the ways. It also offers good weapon stability.

Number 4 – The Angled Grip

The angled grip is considered to be the best one for SMGs and ARs in PUBG Mobile and it makes a great difference to the horizontal recoil when kept in a steady state. It is also said to offer better ADS speed. But then, it is not as good as the thumb grip when it comes to weapon steadiness.

Number 5 – The Light Grip

The light grip is undeniably the best when it comes to taking single shots in PUBG Mobile. It should be used with stable guns like the Vector or UMP9 for enhancing their accuracy. It comes with excellent weapon stability, but then, the same cannot be said for its recoil. The downside of the grip is that it is not versatile.

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