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6 Easy ways to fix cannot connect to Wi-Fi 6 with a Windows laptop or PC

To solve the problem of the Wi-Fi network not connecting to a Windows laptop or PC follow these simple tips

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The modern world cannot function a day without the internet. We need the internet in our day-to-day activities and to imagine a day without any internet access seems almost impossible. For working professionals Laptop and a working Wifi connection is a primary requirement. Wifi connections can be found in almost every house regardless of the size of the families these days. However, it is not necessary that technology can always keep functioning without any difficulties. There are many times when your Wifi stops connecting with Windows laptops or PC. Here is how you can fix Wifi 6 connectivity issues. 

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Causes of Wifi not connecting to PC or Windows laptop

The issue with Wifi not connecting to PC can arise when you are first trying to connect to a new network or after you have deleted a Wifi connection and are trying to connect again. The most common cause of laptops not connecting to Wifi relates to correctly authenticating with the target network. Faulty Wifi configuration, a malfunctioning modem or router, corrupt or failing network hardware or drivers, antivirus software or firewall blocking your connections are other causes. 

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How to fix the laptop not connecting to Wifi

Here is how you can fix the problem of a Windows laptop or PC not connecting to Wifi 6.

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  • Restart your modem or router: The first and foremost step is to restart your modem and router. The modem and router can fail and drop its internet connection or wifi network when running for long periods. Restarting the modem or router can fix this issue. However, if the problem persists you will need to do a hard reset of your router or configure it. 
  • Make sure Wifi is turned on: Some laptops or PCs have a hardware switch to control Wifi. Make sure to turn the switch on.
  • Ensure Wifi is in range: Your Wifi must be in range. Move your laptop closer to the router. In case you cannot reposition your laptop make sure your router is in the best location at home. 
  • Reset or update your Wifi driver: Try resetting or updating your Wifi driver. Network connection issues can result from outdated Wifi drivers. To update your Wifi drivers you can use free driver updater tools that will update all your drivers at once. This will clear the network cache and remove all errors.
  • Release and renew your IP address: You can release or renew your IP address by using the IPCONFIG command. This command will drop the existing IP address and create a new one. It will clear the issues that the router may have. 
  • Run the Network troubleshooter: Right-click on the network connection and choose Diagnose, Repair or Diagnose and Repair. Troubleshooting will automatically resolve all Wifi problems

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Technology can often deceive us and it is best to be prepared for it. We have discussed a few tips to help you resolve the problem of Wifi not connecting to your laptop or PC. To know more about such tips stay tuned to Gadget Bridge.

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