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7 Best ways to fix Safari cannot find server issue in iPhone, iPad and Mac

If Safari shows “Can’t Find Server” on your iPhones or Macs, then this is how you can fix that.

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Safari is a really popular and one the most used web browser among Apple users. Safari is not a memory hog like Google Chrome and also provides continuity features for Apple devices. If your Safari browser is unable to open sites and shows a “Can’t Find Server” issue, then there could be many reasons behind it. We will guide you through the 7 best ways to fix Safari cannot find server issue on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Here are they:

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Restart iPhone

Most of the issues can be solved by restarting devices. If you have not restarted your iPhone in a while then chances are that your iPhone is not working properly and needs to be restarted. Restarting your phone will clear all your apps from the RAM and will start them afresh. This should solve the problem.Reset iPhone- safari cannot open the page

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Reset Router

Routers can sometimes be the main cause of a problem related to your web surfing. In such cases, you won’t be able to load any website. So, you need to restart your router and after that update it to the latest firmware version (if available). You can also call your internet company who gave you the router for a quick fix.

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Change DNS settings

If restarting and updating the router didn’t work then you might need to change the DNS settings. The default DNS settings do not work sometimes. Google’s DNS is very reliable and efficient. That is the reason why most of the users prefer Google DNS.

Here is how you change DNS settings in an iPhone:

  1. Go to settings and open WiFi.safari cannot open the page- safari cannot find server mac
  2. Then click the icon next to the name of the WiFi that you are connected with.safari cannot find server mac
  3. Then tap configure DNS and then click Add Server/Manual.Safari cannot find server
  4. Add Google DNS server by typing or
  5. Save the changes.

If you are on mac follow these steps:

  1. Open System preferences.
  2. Go to the Advance menu under the Network option.
  3. Select DNS and click on the + icon at the bottom.
  4. Then add Google DNS ( or

This should solve the issue.

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Check if the URL is correct or not

If you have received a URL from your friend and it is not opening inside Safari, then you should check the URL once. On iPhones as well as on Macs the top bar is where you can find the URL. Find and remove any typo in the URL, even if only one letter is different than that of the real URL the site won’t open.

Clear Cache and Data of Safari browser

Clearing cache and data on apps does help in most of the situations, clearing data basically clears all the user data on the browser and the app will act as a freshly installed one. To clear data and cache of Safari on iPhones just follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings, scroll down, and tap on Safari.Safari cannot find server- safari cannot find server mac
  2. You could see an option that says Clear History and Website Data, just tap on that.Safari cannot find server issue

All the data of the Safari browser is now cleared and the issue should be resolved.

Turn off or disable Content Blocker/Pop up blocker

Content blocker is Safari’s native ad-blocking tool that does improve the reading experience, but blocking ads does take a hit on the income of the organisation. So, some websites do not allow users to read articles if the content blocker is on.

Here is how you can turn off the content blocker on iPhones:

  1. Open settings by tapping the gear icon.
  2. Scroll and find Safari and then open the content blocker/Pop up blocker setting.Safari cannot find server issue
  3. Disable content blocker.Safari cannot find server issue

If you want to disable this setting on Mac follow these steps:

  1. Just hover the mouse on the search bar at the top of the Safari browser.
  2. From there, uncheck Enable Content Blocker settings.

Update your device

Safari browser comes with macOS pre-installed and unlike other apps, which you can update from the store, Safari is updated when you update your mac.

So you might need to update your mac in order to solve the issue.

To update your mac just go to System Preferences and then Update menu

Update your Mac to the latest version available and the issue should be resolved.

Similarly, check for iOS updates in your iPhone settings and update it to the latest version available.

If you follow all these steps the Safari Can’t Find Server Issue will be solved.

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