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Fix Android Screen Auto Rotate Not Working Issue: Here are 8 Simple Ways

Use these easy methods to fix auto-rotate on your Android smartphone.

Fix Android Screen Auto Rotate Not Working Issue: Here are 8 Simple Ways

The auto-rotate feature comes in quite handy when you’re playing a video on your phone and do not want to manually turn on the landscape mode. All you need to do is tilt your phone sideways and the screen will adjust accordingly. However, sometimes even auto-rotate may not work properly. In this article, we bring you the 8 simplest ways to fix the ‘Android screen auto rotate not working’ issue on your smartphone.

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Restart Your Phone


Restarting your phone is a quick and easy way to fix any bugs or minor issues, including auto rotate malfunction. Your phone deletes all temporary files once you restart it, so any temporary files that may be hindering your phone from auto-rotating the screen will get deleted. You can restart your phone by long pressing the power button and selecting ‘Restart’. If this method doesn’t work, try the other ones listed below.

Turn on Auto Rotate From Settings

Turn on Auto Rotate From Settings

If the auto-rotate isn’t working on your phone, you can try enabling the function from the smartphone settings instead of the drop-down panel. Simply go to Settings>Display and turn on the auto-rotate function.

Re-Calibrate Your Phone’s Sensors

Auto-rotate may stop functioning on your phone if the Gyroscope and Accelerometer aren’t calibrated. These motion sensors are integral to the proper functioning of features like auto-rotate. If your phone doesn’t have a built-in calibration tool, you can download the GPS Status and Toolbox app from the Play Store and use it to calibrate the motion sensors in your phone.

Check Rotate Settings in the App

If auto rotate doesn’t work in a particular app, check the settings within the app to see if auto-rotate is being overridden. Some apps do this to avoid unnecessary screen tilts. Once you’ve changed the settings, restart the app and see if auto-rotate works.

Update System Software

Update System Software. fix android screen auto rotate not working

Sometimes, certain glitches or bugs develop over a period of time within the system software. These bugs and glitches are weeded out in software updates. If you haven’t updated your phone’s OS in a while, it may be unable to fix those issues. To update your phone go to Settings>Software Update>Download and Install.

Don’t Touch Your Phone’s Screen

Touching your phone’s screen may prevent it from auto-rotating. Make sure your fingers aren’t touching any part of the screen or if you’re resting your phone against a surface, the screen edges aren’t touching any part of the surrounding surface.

Uninstall Recently Installed Apps

If the auto-rotate in your phone started malfunctioning after you installed a certain app, delete the app. Some apps conflict with the working of your phone and arise issues in native functions like auto-rotate. Delete the app and check if auto-rotate is working again.

Enable Home Screen Rotation

Enable Home Screen Rotation. fix android screen auto rotate not working

If the home screen, in particular, isn’t auto-rotating, go to Settings>Home Screen and turn on Rotate to Landscape Mode. You can also do this for the Lock Screen, Voice Call screen, and others.

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These were the 8 simplest ways to fix the Android screen auto rotate not working issue on your smartphone. If you do not want to keep the auto-rotate turned on all the time, you do not have to. Newer Android phones offer the option to instantly rotate your phone at any time using the rotate icon at the bottom of your screen. This icon usually appears when you’re playing a video or a game and your phone recognises that you may want to play it in fullscreen.

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