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Xiaomi Loop LiquidCool Technology for heat dissipation on smartphones introduced

The tech. is twice the cooling capability of conventional VC solutions.

The Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has introduced its Loop LiquidCool Technology for its upcoming smartphones. The new technology is said to provide twice the cooling capacity than conventional VC chambers. According to the company, the heat dissipation method separates hot air and cooling liquid circulations, therefore, lowering the heating issues as it operates on the capillary effect which gathers liquid cooling substances to the generator, vaporises them and transmits the heat to a balanced environment. The mass production is aimed for H2 2022.

While announcing the Loop LiquidCool Technology Xiaomi said, “Today, Global technology leader Xiaomi unveiled its latest breakthrough in heat dissipation – Loop LiquidCool Technology. Inspired by cooling solutions used in the aerospace industry, Loop LiquidCool Technology utilizes a capillary effect that draws liquid cooling agent to the heat source, vaporizes, and then disperses the heat efficiently towards a cooler area, until the agent condenses and is captured via a unidirectional closed-looped channel. Compared to conventional vapour chambers solutions, this new technology has twice the cooling capabilities and ranks as the most efficient smartphone cooling solution. Xiaomi aims to bring Loop LiquidCool Technology to its products in H2 2022.”

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Xiaomi Loop LiquidCool Technology

According to the company, the Loop LiquidCool Technology includes a heat pipe system made up of an annular heat pipe system made up of an evaporator, a condenser, a refill chamber, gas and liquid pipes. The evaporator, which is placed near the heat source, contains a refrigerant that evaporates to gas when the smartphone is under heavy load. The gas and airflow are then diffused to the condenser, where the gas condenses back into liquid. These liquids are absorbed and collected by tiny fibres in the refill chamber, which refills the evaporator and makes the system self-sustaining.

However, Xiaomi’s Loop LiquidCool Technology employs the same method as VC liquid cooling, the new form factor significantly improves efficiency. Due to the lack of separate channels for gases and liquids in traditional VC systems, hot gas and cool liquids mix and obstruct each other, especially under heavy lead. 

According to the company, “The ring-shaped pump features a special gas pipe design, which greatly reduces air passage resistance by 30%. By allowing for a smoother steam flow, the maximum heat transfer capacity is increased by up to 100%.”

Implementing a Tesla valve structure within the refill chamber is critical to ensuring one-way high-efficiency circulation. A Tesla valve is a one-way valve that allows liquid to flow through the evaporator which prevents gases from flowing in the opposite direction. This improved the efficiency of gas/liquid circulation throughout the system.

The company has also replaced the original vapour chamber in its custom Xiaomi MIX 4 with the new Loop LiquidCool Technology solution. As per the company, this kept the device below a maximum temp of 47.7 degrees C during a 30-minute Genshin impact gameplay test at 60fps at max video settings and the processor was 8.6 degrees C cooler than the standard version.

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