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7 new technology trends you can expect in 2022

2022 is just around the corner and it is going to be a rather miraculous year. Here is why and how.

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2021 has been a great year when it comes to technological advancement, we saw the popularity of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and many more rise. The year 2022 is also going to be a year where we will get to see a lot of new technology trends. In this article, we will tell you about 7 new technology trends you can expect in 2022.

So, get ready to see some glimpses of the upcoming year.

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5G and other high-speed networks becoming mainstream

2G technology has enabled us to get in touch with people while 3G and 4G tech has enabled us to browse the internet and stream audio and video without any hiccups. 

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One of the most important changes that we will see in the year 2022 is easily accessible and available high-bandwidth data. 

Since most of the upcoming technology will rely on higher internet speeds this is a technology trend that is very important to happen. Rather than being confined to premium and flagship products the high speed networks will also be available for lower-end products. High-speed internet will enable us to stream in ultra high resolution like 8K resolution.

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Cloud computing 

cloud-computing- Technology trends 2022With more accessible super-fast networks, cloud computing is a technological trend that we will see in the year 2022. Since users will have a quicker and more reliable network cloud computing will become mainstream. Cloud computing will allow users to run heavy applications and software directly on the cloud servers taking the stress of their lower-end PCs. This will also open up gates for lighter devices as there is no need to pack in a superfast chip inside the device as all the heavy computing will be done on the servers and the output will simply stream to consumer devices as a video feed.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI-global- - Technology trends 2022AI and ML are the most used terms at this time. They gained a lot of popularity when manufacturers started implementing them in smartphones, smartwatches, virtual assistance, image and speech recognition, navigation apps, smart TVs use AI to adapt their picture and sound to the environment and so much more. 

The AI market will grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025 and the upcoming year will also be very important for this. We will see a lot of new job opportunities and growth in AI and ML in the next year. In fact, there are a lot of great studies and ai and ml certification course you can also enrol for.

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Advancement in mobile photography

Mobile phones are the only device that we carry everywhere with us. They are more like a part of our body rather than just a tool and we use our mobile phones to capture a lot of memories. In 2022 we will get to see many changes in the smartphone photography game. One of the most promising trends will be the retractable cameras on smartphones. 

photography- - Technology trends 2022Putting three different lenses of different focal lengths was just an alternate option to achieve different focal lengths. In 2020 Xiaomi and recently Oppo showed the concept phone in which we saw that this technology and it looks like we will be able to get our hands on this tech in 2022. The retractable camera on a phone is going to be a major breakthrough in the mobile phone photography space. 

Domestic robots

2022 can also be a year for the rise of domestic robots. Most of us already have vacuum cleaners in our homes, and some of us also have robot vacuum cleaners, but they are still single-purpose devices. 2022 is going to be a year where we will be seeing the rise of domestic robots just like the general-purpose robot from Amazon, the Astro. 

If Astro succeeds then more companies will soon follow the same path and we will see more robots in our houses. Astro is a home robot that can autonomously drive around your home and it is packed with cameras and a screen to interact. The robot can handle video calls, recognise you and come to find you when someone calls, and many more features.

Mixing of realities

Mixing reality- Technology trends 2022The concept of AR and VR has been for a while now and in 2022, we could see major leaps in this sector. With the Rise of the Metaverse, the future of a digital world is coming closer to us. We have already seen how much a pandemic can have an impact on our day-to-day work. 

With the mixing of realities, we would never need to go out of our homes. We can just sit in our recliners and attend a meeting in a virtual space wearing a pair of headphones on our eyes and ears. This might sound like a scene out of a sci-fi movie, but this is a future where we are heading to and 2022 can be a big leap in this technology sector.

Internet of Things

Yes, the Internet of Things is not a new concept and it has been here for a while now, but with the emergence of faster networks, advanced AI & ML, and cloud computing, we will see more and more devices connecting together in a more seamless way. Imagine a world where when you lock the door of your home, the AC in the car automatically turns on, or imagine you set an alarm for 5 in the morning, and by the time you wake up your coffee is already ready. So, in the year 2022, we can also see many advancements in the IoT department as well.

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  1. I Completly agree with you that AI market will grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025 and the upcoming year will also be very important for this. Becuse It makes the process easier and faster. Thank you for great Share!


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