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Top 10 Anime movies on Netflix

Are you an Otaku? Check out this list of top 10 Anime movies on Netflix available.

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Anime has created its own genre and it has been watched and streamed by all ages of people throughout the globe. When one says anime it is easily understandable, it is the Japanese form of creative cartoons and not the cartoons that people traditionally knows. And now many amazing anime movies are available on Netflix that have good story-lines. Check the list out. 

Flavors of Youth: 

Flavors of Youth: This anime movie is jointly produced by Haoliners Animation league and CoMix Wave Films. And the Anime movies were released in 2018. It is an anthology drama of three short stories: The rice noodles, A Little Fashion show, and Love in Shanghai. The directors of the three short stories are Li Haoling/Jiaoshou Yi Xiaoxing/Yoshitaka Takeuchi. 

Released: 2018.

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Genre: Drama.

Stream:  Netflix

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A Whisker away: 

A Whisker away: It was recently released in 2020 one of the latest anime movies you can drool at. A Whisker away is exclusively released on Netflix and it is a Fantasy and Romance genre. The story of the anime movie revolves around the two-character Muge and Kento who are Junior-High school students. Muge wears a magical mask that can transform her into a cat.

Released: 2020.

Genre: Romance, Fantasy.

Stream: Netflix

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Batman Ninja: 

Batman Ninja: For all the Batman comic readers there is an anime movie about Batman. The Batman Ninja is produced by Warner Bros and it is directed by Junpei Mizusaki. With no such changes to the character here in this anime movie, Batman fights off against famous characters such as Joker and Penguin. The storyline is a trip to feudal Japan. 

Released: 2018 

Genre: Action/Superhero

Stream: Netflix

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A silent Voice: 

A silent Voice: One of the highest-rated Anime movies, this is one to watch. The Anime movie is directed by Naoko Yamada and the story is about two girls Shoko who is deaf and Shoya who bullies her. The two main characters study together in the same class and there are many moral lessons to learn from the anime movie.

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama

Stream: Netflix

Anohana: The flower that we saw that day

This Anime movies circle around the characters of the protagonist Jintan, a girl Menma, and 4 Super Peace Busters members. The storyline will teach about caring and about friendship. Many who have watched Anohana commented that a tear is inevitable at the end of the anime.

Released: 2013

Genre: Fantasy, Slice of life

Stream: Netflix

Genocidal Organ: 

It was initially released as a sci-fi novel in the 200s and later adapted to an anime movie in 2017. The story starts with a terrorising nuclear bomb in a place called Sarajevo which resulted in increasing terrorism and conflicts all around the globe. Since then the government has controlled the people and monitored them to prevent any further terrors from happening.

Released: 2017

Genre: Sci-Fi

Stream:  Netflix

Spirited Away:

Spirited Away:This is the first anime movie to ever win an academy award. It won the Best Animated Feature in the 75th Academy awards. It is from the production of Studio Ghibli and the creator needs no introduction if you are an Otaku, it is created by Hayao Miyazaki. This anime movie is not to be missed if you have not watched it on Netflix yet. Released: 2001 Genre: Family/Fantasy Stream: Netflix                                      

Princess Mononoke:

Princess Mononoke:This anime is the first of its kind to have a star-studded cast for dubbed English version and prove anime are also watched on a global scale. For example, the two noted big names are Gillian Anderson and Billy Bob Thorton. The anime movie will take you on a spiritual journey and will understand the environmental issue brought by many factors.      Released: 1997

Genre: Fantasy/Action

Stream: Netflix

The tale of Princess Kaguya:

The tale of Princess Kaguya:The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is directed by Isao Takahata and it is an anime movie based on a book. The story is mythical and it is about a magical nymph from a bamboo stalk who rapidly grows up to be a gorgeous woman. 

Released: 2013

Genre: Fantasy/Drama

Stream: Netflix

5 Centimeter per Second: 

5 Centimeter per Second: This anime movie will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. The story of 5 centimeters per second begins with the two main characters: Takaki Tonoo and Akari Shinohara. The anime climax is when these two characters who both shared a love for books started drifting apart when their families relocated. 

Released: 2007

Genre: Emotional/Intimate 

Stream: Netflix

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