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How to Surf the Internet Safely?

How to Surf the Internet Safely?

When it comes to surfing the internet we all want to be as safe as can be. There are lots of places out there filled with cybercriminals looking to collect your information to use...
online privacy

Online Privacy is Possible if You Follow These Tips

Those concerned about their privacy online aren’t paranoid. The reality is that big businesses and criminals profit from people’s personal information online. Whether it’s a major search engine learning about its users to sell...

How to recover your Facebook password when you can’t log in

Facebook or in your other Social Media Life like you might end up in situations that are not at all in your favour, totally against your wishes. One of these situations is when you...
7 Ways to fix Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting on Android

7 Ways to fix Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting on Android

The Internet is a way to connect with other people, sharing files, entertainment, sharing information, socialising, and many other things that could be beneficial for us. Most of the work has switched to online...

6 things that make ethical hacking a great career

Ethical hacking is not your next-door profession. It is technical, exciting, adventurous and promising. Ethical hackers are the people who are licensed to hack. They hack to protect, not to destroy. You must have...
5 reasons you are not getting best speed from your Wi-Fi router and how to fix it Leader: 

5 reasons you are not getting best speed from your Wi-Fi router and how...

Facing slow Wi-Fi speed can be irritating, if you are working or studying from home. Even if you have a high-speed internet connection, you might still be facing problems downloading files or streaming videos....
Tenda rolls out all-new 4G LTE Advanced Pocket Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots in India

Tenda rolls out 4G LTE Advanced Pocket Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots in India

In order to address the challenges like connectivity and speed as more and more people are working from home, Tenda has now introduced its all-new and innovative 4G LTE Advanced Pocket Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots-...
online shopping 4

6 little-known steps of avoiding online shopping scams

We all love to shop online, be it for the discounts of the ease of being able to do it from comfort of our drawing rooms. However, it is very necessary to be wary...
slow internet connection things to do

10 things to do to deal with your slow internet connection

Do you have a slow internet connection? It may be very frustrating for you to live with it in this day and age. Here, we have listed down 10 things that you can do...
Twitter desktop redesign new features

Twitter for desktop gets redesigned with some of the best features from the mobile...

Micro-blogging platform Twitter has rolled out a new design on its desktop today. The redesigned platform now comes with more customization options and completely rearranges the navigation experience on Twitter. Actually, with the new...
15 best websites to keep yourself entertained

15 best websites to keep yourself entertained for hours

Are you bored and have nothing to do? Can’t think of anything to pass the next few hours? We are here to help you. Here’s a list of websites that will keep you entertained...
Travel deals websites

Travel deals websites and apps that you must know about

It's the time of the year when mostly everyone travels to escape the scorching summer heat, even if it is just for a few days. If you are planning to travel, you should know...
best movies

These are the best upcoming Sci-Fi movies we can’t wait to watch

Marvel’s Avengers saga has finally come to an epic conclusion and although it would seem as if the next superhero or sci-fi movie is months away, it isn’t. There are lots of movies scheduled...
manish maheshwari pic

Twitter India appoints Manish Maheshwari as the Managing Director

The Indian arm of microblogging website Twitter has appointed Manish Maheshwari, the former CEO of Network18 Digital, as the Managing Director for country operations. It is worth mentioning that the company has hired him...
paytm money

Paytm Money’s investment platform is now available on the web

Paytm Money is undoubtedly among the largest online platforms in India for mutual fund investments and as the name suggests, it is an owned subsidiary of One97 Communications Limited. Paytm Money has today announced the...
Google adds an option to easily share GIFs from its Search

Facebook and Google may have to face a new regulator in the UK

The United Kingdom has laid out a plan for regulating the technology industry more closely in a detailed proposal that it has released today. This is the latest crackdown on Big Tech in Europe. According...
Facebook and CBSE come together to launch a curriculum on AR and digital safety for secondary school students

Facebook wanted to use tiny drones to enhance mobile internet speeds

Social media giant Facebook has explored ways to improve mobile connectivity for years and the main purpose for doing this is obviously to get more number of people in developed countries online. It would...

Opera browser for Android gets inbuilt-VPN with latest update

Opera has just rolled out the latest build of its mobile browser for Android – Opera 51. The newly launched version comes with a very useful new feature that a number of users are...
mobile data

This is how much you pay for your mobile data in India compared to...

Let's face it: Without the internet, smartphones wouldn't really be all that smart. Wi-Fi and mobile data have become indispensable for anyone who uses a smartphone. And while Wi-Fi usually keeps us covered while...
firefox send

Mozilla’s Firefox Send file-sharing service is now available to all

Mozilla's encrypted file-sharing service, Firefox Send is no longer being tested and has finally come out of its beta phase. The Firefox Send service allows users to send download links that can automatically expire...
Microsoft chrome extension

Microsoft’s new Chrome extension enables the company’s Windows 10 Timeline feature

Software giant Microsoft launched its Windows 10 Timeline feature a year back and it became a much-talked-about one thanks to its ability to let users sync browsing and app history between Windows 10, iOS...

After 750 million, hacker puts another set of 93 million hacked databases for sale:...

A few days back, we reported that a hacker has stolen data of hundreds of million users leaked in various data breaches and put them on sale on a Dark Web marketplace. Now, the...
google incognito

Google’s Incognito Mode to become truly private

While Google Chrome's Incognito Mode known to be more private than the regular mode of the browser, it is not entirely hidden. Over the year, some website developers have found a way to know...
Microsoft says 1 million computers are still exposed to Windows security exploit

620 million accounts from hacked websites go on sale on dark web: Report

With the number of data breaches going up, privacy on the internet is literally becoming a myth. In what can be termed as the latest among these privacy breaches, cybercriminals have reportedly put 617...

Opera is getting back its VPN, but this time it will be in-built in...

Opera has announced that it is working on a free VPN that will come in-built in its Android browser. The company further said that with the feature, it will be harder for websites or...


Redmi Buds 3 Lite review: Great performance for the price, are they a worthy buy?

Redmi Buds 3 Lite review: Great performance for the price, are...

Over the years, the affordable TWS category has seen a range of offerings from boAt, Noise, Boult Audio, and even OnePlus. But surprisingly, Xiaomi...

How To's

How to Bypass Samsung FRP Lock After Reset?

Our smartphones are one of the most personal devices in our lives. That is why built-in security is so important. However, sometimes, the built-in...