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Are you a video creator? Here are 7 YouTube alternatives you can earn money from

Want to change things from traditional YouTube? Here are 7 alternatives you can consider looking at to earn more money.

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YouTube is still the biggest and one of the most used video streaming platforms in the world. With so many active users and communities, monetisation for the platform is growing day by day. YouTube is a good way to generate income as people receive good monthly paychecks for their content and ad revenue. But what are best alternative to YouTube for creators? 

No other monetisation video platform is easy to grow, it requires a lot of effort, hours of planning and editing, and persistence to build a channel and audience that you can monetise. Here are some best youtube alternatives which you should surely consider. 

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Famous for its online gaming and streaming services. Making an account and using Twitch is completely free. The company affiliates and partners with various other companies to monetise its content. Some of them include selling merchandise, accepting donations and asking for monthly subscriptions. If you become successful, Twitch also has a partner program for you from which you qualify to get a cut from ad revenue generated by the company.

Twitch is one of the best game streaming online communities you can consider as an alternative. Though there are drawbacks as well, as the platform is majorly for game streamers, you need to think out of the box and do hours of streaming to gain an audience to earn additional income.

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  • Patreon


Patreon is for people who want to make an independent career out of videos. On the site, the fans can pay a monthly membership to access exclusive content. The rules and regulations of Patreon are very different from those of YouTube so the creators can upload some video content that might not be ok according to YouTube policies. 

The site helps you to build a brand by allowing you to create your own customisable website. You can even roll out your own application via this platform. The video-sharing site is free for users, but the company takes almost 5-12 percent of the revenue generated by your account making it one of the best alternative to YouTube for creators.

  • Unscreen TV

Unscreen TV

It is an all in one video monetisation platform that helps creators to convert their knowledge into high-quality videos. Customise and organise your videos properly to enhance the looks of your profile. You can consider asking for a monthly subscription or even sell your videos online by growing your audience. The best thing about this platform that YouTube lacks is you can know your audience’s information. 

Unscreen also allows you to create your own website and application with inbuilt tools, which cost a small monthly subscription fee. The website also offers built-in marketing and communication tools to increase the audience’s reach.

  • Facebook


Video service in Facebook has been growing rapidly and the company is refining this social media website day by day. Just like YouTube, Facebook allows you to broadcast your video and generate revenue out of it. The only downside of Facebook as a video platform is that they charge 45% of ad revenue from the people who are earning. 

Though with so many active users you can grow your audience properly if you have the correct skills for marketing and your content is unique. Another flip side of Facebook is that users usually scroll through feeds very rapidly, to gain spotlight creators need to create a lot of content that grabs more and more attention.

  • Instagram TV

Instagram TV

IGTV or Instagram TV is a stand-alone platform that allows you to upload longer videos than traditional Instagram feeds. As it is Facebook’s business many features remain the same as the mother company. Similarly, you can make a 55% on ad revenue generated from your videos. The platform is good for affiliate marketing and doing brand deals for monetising your video easily. The audience information secrecy has been followed in this platform as well.

  • Thinkific


If you want to teach people or you want to learn a specific subject, try using Thinkific. It is an online platform that helps you to create online courses via video lessons. It is a perfect alternative to YouTube for course creators. Yes, the site does not offer a live streaming option but other sites are growing fast, Thinkific can be used to connect students and teachers directly. 

The company charges a monthly fee and that’s about it. All the revenue generated by your videos or courses is for you to keep. The only big drawback of this platform is there is no sales traffic funnel to promote your video and you might need to invest in third-party applications to do so.

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  • Vimeo


It is a great alternative for YouTube, which you can consider for earning more revenue. Vimeo is a video-sharing website that allows users to upload and sell their videos on their channels. Users need to buy monthly plans to watch the content or to create an account. The company has diversified packages with more features on more expensive plans. 

The platform also supports live streaming but that is limited to only the Enterprise plan, which is the most expensive option that the company offers. If you want to start your own channel as a beginner, Vimeo can be a first step for you. 

These are 7 best alternative to youtube for creators that you can consider both as a content creator to explore something more than the traditional way or platform to earn additional income.

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  1. I love iTunes because it is a great way to organize and store my music, videos, podcasts etc. I like the fact that you can download all your music in one place which makes it easy for me to access them on my phone or computer. I also really enjoy having the ability to play songs while using other apps on my device (like playing games).

    And thank you for this beautiful article, it was really helpful.


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