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How to reset your Android smartphone

Before we move ahead, the one thing you need to know is that there are two kinds of resetting for an Android smartphone. The first one is the basic reset method, and the other...
iPhones worth  million stolen over last the seven years by 'Fraud Ring'

How to reset your iPhone?

Resetting your device is a complex process. Just like your computer, you might have to reset your iPhone for several reasons. There are different ways of resetting your Apple iPhone. One is a basic...
iPhone X

How to backup your iPhone

Has your device ever been lost or stolen? Were you scrolling through your music playlist or reading a PDF file moments before you found your pocket empty after deboarding the metro? Happens all the...
delete an Instagram account

How to delete an Instagram account? (2022)

As we begin, you should know one thing beforehand. Once you deactivate your Instagram account then your profile, pictures, videos, comments would be permanently deleted. You can either temporarily deactivate your account or permanently....

[Video] How to find your lost Android smartphone

Losing your Android smartphone doesn't mean that you cannot retrieve it.  In this video, we tell you how you can locate your lost Android smartphone, and in case you think it is stolen, we...
Facebook started rolling out a new photo transfer tool

How to delete your Facebook account

Before we begin, there are two kinds of account deletions in Facebook, you can either temporarily or permanently delete your account. When your account is temporarily deleted then, people won’t be able to find...

How to delete your Twitter account

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media networking sites. Politicians, film celebrities and other important people articulate information on this platform every now and then. A lot of important news, links...
how to rotate your computer screen

How to connect a computer to TV

In case you want to watch your favourite movies on a big screen or want to listen to music in loud volume, connecting your TV to your computer is a nice option. But, in...
how to rotate your computer screen

How to rotate your computer screen or desktop

Sometimes, it accidentally might happen that due pressing the wrong set of keys your computer screen rotates to portrait mode. The correct position of your computer is the landscape mode where you are able...
iphone 7

How to transfer music from the computer to iPhone

Whenever we get an iPhone the first thing which comes to our mind is how to transfer music from the computer or pc to the new iPhone (after we move the contacts of course)....
Keyboard 3

How to speed up your computer? Here are 5 ways

Slowing down of your computer can be a very nasty problem indeed. If a file doesn’t open which you require urgently, then it can lead to lot a lot of frustration. Hence, tackling this...

How to authorise a computer on iTunes

There are many benefits of authorising your computer on iTunes. On authorising your Mac or PC, you basically enable your device to access apps, music, movies, audiobooks and other content. And it is very...
google maps

This is how you can refrain apps from tracking your phone’s location

Some apps track your phones 14,000 times a day, according to sources. Although every phone is identified by a unique ID instead of their names and phone numbers, it can track one’s exact locations...
LED bulb

How to choose the right LED bulb?

These days prices of LED bulbs have gone down sharply and their use has become pervasive. It is not surprising that this would happen considering that LED bulbs are more energy efficient, can last...

What is cloud computing: Everything you need to know

Cloud computing refers to the transfer of computer data such as servers, storage, databases, analytics etc over the internet. This helps in faster innovation, providing flexible resources and greater economies of scale. You just...

How to edit an image on an Android smartphone

After you have taken the image on your phone there are few easy steps to edit your image. Editing an image on Android is very simple and a quick process. A lot of people...
how to find IP Address

How to find your IP address? Try these methods

IP address is really important to troubleshoot internet and networking problems. Therefore, one should know the IP address of their device so that they can fix problems. But, many of us don’t know how...
Now users can make voice and video calls through Gmail in the Google Chat

How to recall a sent email in Gmail

Did you just send out an email to your potential employer with an error that will surely spoil your first impression? Or did you inadvertently send an email to your boss that was meant...
fix slow Wi-Fi

14 things you can do to fix your slow Wi-Fi

Most of us are so used to be being connected to the internet at all times that even the thought of imagining the world without Wi-Fi is scary. It has become a necessity for...
relaince jio phone 2

JioPhone 2 to go on sale at 12pm today: How to buy

Reliance Jio’s upgraded version of the JioPhone is finally hitting the shelves today. Dubbed as JioPhone 2, the new phone by Reliance Jio will be available for purchase online starting today. Those who have...

Samsung Galaxy S9 at Rs 7,990: How to buy? And everything you need to...

Samsung Galaxy S9 is the leading smartphone by the company and is the latest offering when it comes to a flagship by Samsung. Yes, the Note 8 is still good, but the Samsung Galaxy...

Apple iOS 12 Public Beta: How to download

Cupertino-based technology giant Apple has released the first Public Beta of iOS 12. So if you are one among many Apple fans who were waiting to try out the new features the company is...

WhatsApp group video calling has gone live for some users. Follow these steps to...

WhatsApp has killed the SMS industry, since everyone is using this simple free tool (mostly) on their Android and iOS devices to communicate. It is a revolutionary app that has left the mobile operators...

How to recharge your prepaid mobile number using Facebook

Social media giant Facebook’s Android app got a revamp this week. For starters, the user interface of the app looks cleaner and the icons look different from what they were before. With this, Facebook’s...

How to delete your Facebook account forever or for sometime

After the Cambridge Analytica fiasco on Facebook, many feared their personal information has been leaked to other companies or misused in some form. Well, the leak was real and there is no legit way...


Xiaomi UniBlade Trimmer Review: Perfect match of precision and portability

Xiaomi UniBlade Trimmer Review: Perfect match of precision and portability

Xiaomi’s presence in India is not just limited to smartphones and tablets. Over the years, the Chinese brand has expanded to different segments, including...

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Top 5 ways to fix a broken Amazon Firestick remote (2023)

The Amazon Firestick offers a standard streaming and Smart TV experience, much like its competitors in Xiaomi and Hulu. But one of the more...

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