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7 new technology trends you can expect in 2022

2021 has been a great year when it comes to technological advancement, we saw the popularity of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and many more rise. The year 2022 is also going to be a year...
Omicron Cases Surge, Pushing CES 2022 to End a Day Early

10 things to expect from the consumer electronics show (CES) 2022

The world’s biggest tech event, CES (2022) is just around the corner. After a gap, due to the pandemic, it is back. CES is an event where we get to see a glimpse of...
How do hackers use SEO to deliver malware?

How to protect yourself from hacking

Hacking is a problem that is increasing day by day. Hackers are getting smarter and can hack your phone very easily if you are not careful. In this article, we will show you some...
Top 2 Ways to Fix YouTube PiP (Picture in Picture) Not Working on Android

YouTube channel got hacked? This is how you can recover it

Modern day hackers are very smart and can hack your personal accounts and details from you. If you are on youtube and you do not want your channel to not get hacked then you...
unique password

Forget Wi-Fi password? here are the best 5 ways to recover wifi password.

In today’s era when we have to remember a lot of passwords, it is obvious that we keep forgetting passwords of our social media accounts and also WiFi. If you have forgotten the password...
How to remove apps on Android mobile that phone won't let you uninstall

4 best apps to change voice in Android phones

Google Playstore is home to millions of apps with a variety of uses, some of them are for entertainment purposes and some for productivity. If you were looking for an Android app that can...
Norton reports 4 in 5 gamers in India have experienced a cyberattack

7 ways to fix apps not working on mobile data on Android mobile

Sometimes you might get an issue with some apps connecting them with mobile data. Most of the users are dependent on mobile data and if any apps do not get connected with the internet,...
Rep image

How to play a video in loop during a Zoom call to fake attend...

If you also do attend a lot of meetings over video call clients as Google meet, Zoom, or any other platform, then there would have been some times when you would have been bored...
Poco F4 Pro

7 new smartphones that will be launched in the first 3 months of 2022

2020 and 2021 have been tough for the overall electronics market, not just smartphones. Due to chip shortage manufacturers had to delay the launches on phones and in some cases, they had to stop...
Are you a video creator_ Here are 7 YouTube alternatives you can earn money from

How to stop YouTube from saving your search history?

YouTube is a very popular video streaming platform and many of us watch YouTube to take a break from our hectic schedule. By default YouTube stores all your search history and it will be...

Here is how you can stop spam calls on your phone

Scam calls are a big problem, and the situation is getting worse day by day. With over 202 Million spam calls, India sits just below Ukraine at the fourth position when it comes to...
Google releases new features and enhancements for Workspace users, making Gmail search results more user-friendly

Best ways to fix Gmail storage is full issue

Gmail is the most used e-mail client among all. It is easy to use and you do not have to install, log in or create a separate Google account for this mail. Gmail, Google...
Twitter timeline

What is the difference: Twitter mute vs Twitter unfollow

Twitter is the most famous and used Micro-blogging site, and of course, it does not make it a proper blogging site. Twitter helps you to express your thoughts in limited characters which are 280...
Google Play Points

What are Google Play Points? And how to use Google Play Points?

Google Playstore is a place where you can find hundreds of apps for almost anything you can ever imagine. It is home to thousands of apps, games, movies, e-books, and more. And if you...

8 top ways to fix unable to answer calls on Android phone

Smartphones are a very essential part of each ones life and making and accepting calls is the most basic function of a smartphone. But sometimes due to some reasons, you are unable to pick...
Facebook Messenger voice and video calls to be end-to-end encrypted now

What is the difference: Facebook Messenger Mute vs Ignore

Facebook is by far the most famous social media platform, it has its users from teenage school kids to retired old citizens. Everyone uses Facebook on a daily basis to get updates from the...
5 best ways to use an Android phone with broken volume buttons

5 best ways to use an Android phone with broken volume buttons

The modern-day smartphone is built tough and durable but at the end of the day, it is just a smartphone, not Superman. If you have a phone whose volume buttons are not working properly...

Best ways to search Facebook without account or logging in

Facebook is by far the most famous social media platform, but it does not mean that everyone on this planet is on Facebook. Chances are that you want to check someone’s profile or find...
improve life of smartphone

Bad habits that are reducing the life of your smartphone

Smartphones are a very essential part of modern-day life. They are not just tools that we use to connect with people, they are now almost a part of our body. From confidential information to...
How to tak e best selfies

5 lesser-known hacks to take the best selfies

Taking selfies and putting them on social media in modern times is like a ritual. We want to capture ourselves in the scenic beauty of the place we go. If you are bored of...
Ways to make clubhouse experience better

Best ways to make the Clubhouse experience even better

Clubhouse has been on Android and iOS devices for a while. The audio only platform allows users to join public or private chat rooms and have to deep dive into the given topic. You...
dual camera recording iphone- -record front and back camera same time iphone- How to record videos together from front and rear cameras on an iPhone?

How to record videos together from front and rear cameras on an iPhone?

If you love making videos and putting them on social media sites like Instagram, you should keep experimenting with different things. One such thing can be recording videos from the front and back camera...
Change Notificatiion in Google meet and google chat

How to change Google Meet and Google Chats notification setting on PC?

Google Meet and Google Chats are some of the most used platforms for work. These tools allow users to connect during this pandemic and continue the work without any problem. But there are times...
Best ways to hide photos and videos on iPhone

Best ways to hide photos and videos on iPhone and iPad

Everyone loves capturing special moments with their phone. Recording and capturing special moments with loved ones and then re-living them gives us great pleasure. Since mobile phones are the most personal device that we...
Ways to make clubhouse experience better

Top 3 ways to use the Clubhouse app on PC

The Clubhouse app is an audio chat platform that got a lot of attention during the last few months. The invite-based app allows users to invite some of their friends on the platform using...

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